The Computer Mouse Essay

The Computer Mouse
The computer mouse is a common pointing device, popularized by its
inclusion as standard equipment with the Apple Macintosh. With the rise in
popularity of graphical user interfaces in MS-DOS; UNIX, and OS/2, use of mice
is growing throughout the personal computer and workstation worlds. The basic
features of a mouse are a casing with a flat bottom, designed to be gripped by
one hand; one or more buttons on the top; a multidirectional detection device
(usually a ball) on the bottom; and a cable connecting the mouse to the computer.

By moving the mouse on a surface (such as a desk), the user controls an on-
screen cursor. A mouse is a relative pointing device because there are no
defined limits to the mouse’s movement and because its placement on a surface
does not map directly to a specific screen location. To select items or choose
commands on the screen, the user presses one of the mouse’s buttons, producing a
“mouse click.”

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The Computer Mouse
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