The Conan the Conqueror Statue is Coming Essay

Clayburn Moore and Frank Frazetta collaborated on one of the most famous statues in the history of fantasy sculptures with Conan the Barbarian.  In conjunction with Conan Properties and Frank Frazetta, Moore has done it again and the result is unforgettable - The Conan the Conqueror Statue is Coming Essay introduction. This massive, awe inspiring statue depicts a mounted Conan from the stunning painting by Frank Frazetta for the cover of Conan the Conqueror. Since the Lancer Conan the Conqueror paperback was where I first discovered Howard, I am particularly fond of the painting this statue is based on.

Moore’s Conan the Barbarian statue commands high dollar amounts in the secondary market, so don’t be the one to miss this incredible, investment quality sculpture.  At 18” in length and approximately 15″ tall, this 1/7 scale, fully painted, monumental sculpture will be limited to just over orders received and is priced at just $379.00.  Granted, that is a passel of pazoors, but considering the quality, not a bad price.

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The Conan the Conqueror Statue is Coming
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The Conan the Conqueror Statue is Coming Essay

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