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The Concept of the Aesthetic Essays

From the very birth of civilization man has been on his onward quest for knowing the hidden traits of nature .In fact he got at first awed by the very qualities of it and then he tried to reason out the secret behind such a happening. The same holds true for CLOUD.
In fact I would like to tackle this topic at first from purely aesthetic view point .If we turn back the pages of history we will find various bards independent of language and topographic barriers churning out exquisite pieces in praise of that apparently looming shadow of ominous doom. Such an ironic treatment was possible since the unparalled beauty that man was privileged to witness nullified the awe .Our very own Kalidas regarded cloud as a messenger to communicate his message. Sheer beauty of that hovering canopy has also bewitched the modern poets. Various idioms also developed from the mystical value of cloud like “Every cloud has a silver lining” .The discussion hitherto zeros in on the fact that there is more of aesthetic value attached to cloud than its original face value. But is it so? Let us consider the other viewpoint
Scientists have however considered this trait of nature from purely practical viewpoint. According to characteristics they have classified clouds into various categories like—cirrostratus, cirrocumulus etc. They have viewed potential dangers as well as welcome relief in clouds. Some of them are signs of storms some are ominous signs of deluge, yet some are welcome relief to long spells of scorchy summer .So clouds no doubt attract attention of a genre of people. Like wise the concepts of cloud being the object of awe reverence as well as curiosity has been haunting man still now.
From the above discussion it can be safely inferred that the concept needs farther research and discussion. But it should be dealt with from both physical and metaphysical viewpoint. Let us then pull up our socks and get started. Let the onward march of civilization fly across the sky of emancipation like a floating cloud.

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