The confederate states Essay

The confederate states

            Confederate States was made of eleven Southern States - The confederate states Essay introduction. The states were at liberty to leave the Confederacy when the treaty by which the league was formed was broken. The United States  got involved in illegal succession and denied recognition even after Confederacy warships and materials were sold by the Great British and French.                       (Locke pg 27 )

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            According to the International Laws and Customs all the European Nations officially denied to recognize the Confederacy as an independent Country. It was under the. Confederate States had the right to break from the United States in 1860 since there was violation of their rights while indignities and wrongs were heaped on them. They were denied an administration  of laws, security for life and property while liberty was not given. During this time there was a disagreement between the North and The South which was all about  of slavery. Some Southern leaders believed that slavery so much delayed the Southern independence.

            Racial discrimination was common very common where Southern whites claimed to have the  right to own slaves and the fate of the institution depended on them without any outside interference. They defended and claimed superiority of the white race, they owned slaves and even defended slavery as moral and a social good. They oppressed blacks and heartlessly considered them “affectionate” and

“loyal” but helpless.

            American Revolution was the time when thirteen states gained independence and becomes and become United States. Just like the Confederation States they were colonized by the Great British and involved a number of states. It was not any different  since great hardships and oppression was experienced. There was great discrimination where the natives of Britain were treated and considered with a particular superior regard. Unpopular laws and very  high taxes were imposed. Colonies were subjected to pay a good portion of the cost of keeping them in the empire.  The colonies got into an armed conflict known as Revolutionary war by uniting against the Great British. ( Steele Pg 7 )

            The colonies considered the imposed laws to be a violation of human rights and illegitimate. They were not involved in any decision making and were not offered any elected presentation in the in the sovereign governing power. Just like the Confederation State their independence was not to be brought in a silver platter but they had to offer themselves and fight for it. The colonist got feed up with the mistreatment they were going through in their very own country and  patriot groups came forward to fight for the rights of their people. They began by creating specific corresponding committee that would monitor their progress and lead them to their own Provincial Congress.  (Steele Pg 17).

            With determination and much sacrifice the patriot groups managed to form the Provincial Congress or their equivalents. In a period of few years they were able to replace the Great British ruling. Lucky the patriots won and controlled 80-90% of the territory with the British lossing having only a few coastal cities to control..  At this time Life become bearable to the colonist as they enjoyed their freedom.

            In 1776 United States of America was established when the representatives if thirteen colonies voted to adopt declaration of independence. This resulted to doing away with all the laws that were considered to be a violation of human rights and the colonists started a new phrase of life free from the bondage of colonization.

            Slavery is the state of man being under another man who claim superiority over him and has no power to defend himself not even his life. A slave lacks the natural liberty of man. It is a system under which slave’s personal freedom are deprived and are forced to work under very harsh conditions and can not refuse to work at will and are not given any compensation of their labor no matter how hard they work. They don’t get into slavery at will but are forced into it. Some are captured others are purchased with others being born from a slave and they automatically become slaves. They are not given any right to leave or refuse to work.

            The Souths adherence to slavery could be a sufficient reason to prevent it’s independence.

This is because the Souths specialized in farming especially cotton and tobacco and slaves offered cheap and readily available labor. Slavery was forced labor aimed at the production of staple crops in the South. They hanged to it because it gave them an economic foundation. By 1770s the population of the slaves had risen very much in the South constituting about 40% of it’s population. In South Carolina   slave’s population was approximately 55% which means more than half the people were slaves. This made the South to lag behind as far as infrastructure, Public relation and Modernization.

(Locke  pg 70)

            With the slaves being the majority the natives didn’t see any need of independence since they felt superior and didn’t feel the weight of colonization being too heavy on them. They might have urged that if they got independence the slaves would also be freed thus losing their only source of cheap labor thus destroying their economy. With the poor infrastructure in the South it was hard for them to gang up and even share ideas on how they could free their land.

            Social inequality is the difference between one man strength putting some factors in to consideration. People are divided in different classes in respect to different factors which includes Racial, Gender, Age, Wealth, Social and Ethnic. There two types of inequalities as explained by Rousseau one behind Natural or physical which is coursed by factors like age, health and the general quality of mind. The second inequality is moral or political which is as a result of a given class enjoying the prejudice of other that is taking advantage of other people misfortune an example being poverty and power.( Rousseau pg 47)

            In the South and the North social inequality was experienced where certain classes felt superior than the others. This possibly brought about division among the people who could have fought for their independences together superior classes could not hear anything coming from the minority class. This division could not bring them together into a forums where they could have discuss important issues affecting their lives like the fight for independence. The superior class might have urged that if they got independence they could loss their position thus becoming of the same level with their juniors. People of the lower class could have seen the importance of getting their independence but without the support of their superiors there was nothing they could have done. On the other hard the superior group could have seen the need of fighting for independence but since they could not stoop low to discuss with the lower class about the idea their ideas could have died in their minds without any implement ion.


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