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The consequential effects of obesity on an individual’s health and well-being Essays

 The consequential effects of obesity on an individual’s health and well-being

REFERENCE NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS EFFECT OF OBESITY STUDY FINDINGS García-Mendizábal et al. (2009).   BMC Public Health, 9, 120-130

1298 women within the age range of 18 to 60 Poor quality of life in an individual Obese women experienced a poor quality of life as exemplied in factors such as physical functioning, role playing, general health, emotional stability and self-perception. Guh et al.  (2009).  BMC Public Health 2009, 9, 88-108. 89 studies using literature search Internal disorders. Obesity is observed as a co-morbidity to type II diabetes, as well as most types of cancers, cardiovascular diseases, gall bladder disease, osteoarthritis and chronic lower back pain. Kegler et al. (2008).  International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 5, 65-75. 60 African American and White adults over 50 years

of age in two rural counties Poor social interactions and environmental conditions Obesity is often observed in home, as well as neighborhood conditions that lack family and community interactions and insufficient space of physical activities. Lea et al. (2009).  BMC Women's Health, 9, 6-16. 1500 middle-aged females Reproductive defects Obesity is strongly associated with an increased risk in developing reproductive problems and breast cancer. Nguyen et al. (2009).  Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery, 13, 1205–1212. 5,000 participants Diabetes and hypertension. Obesity is directly associated with the development of co-morbidities such as hypertension and diabetes


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