The Contrast Between Wwi and Wwii

The First World War and Second World War have many similarities as well as differences. The similarities are the obvious of engaging many nations to stop the threat of Germany in both wars. The main difference was the goal of what was being fought for. The Germans in the First World War were looking to gain control of the trade routes of the sea and a rivalry with England. The Second World War was a battle against the fascist party of the Nazi Germans, and against the Japanese empire, which was expanding to possibly meet the Germans.

There were also differences in strategies. The First World War was started out as a offensive tactic by the Germans that overtook Belgium and then threatened to go into France, but was quickly turned to a defensive strategy after the death of Schlieffen. The Second World War was more than a border conflict or nation take-over, it was a regional takeover by Germany and Japan that involved nations throughout Europe and Asia. The scale of conflict was on a much larger level during World War II. The one outstanding strategy or tactic that was used by the Japanese was the use of the kamikaze pilots.

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The differences in technology are the greatest. During the First World War inventions like poisonous gas shells, tanks, and aircraft were very primitive; but the Second World War produced well built tanks, both land and amphibious, aircraft for bombing, reconnaissance, and fighting. Ships were also being equipped with radars during the Second World War. Other technological developments were the amphibious landing which encompassed the entire spectrum of the battlefield: Air, Sea, and Land. During World War II, the helicopter was also introduced and was manly used for medical missions.

The biggest technological advance was demonstrated at the end of World War II with the atomic bomb at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. During the First World War the majority of fighting was either on land or at sea. Aircraft were used, but were very limited. The Second World War used a combination of Sea Vessels, Aircraft, and Infantry to overcome both the Nazi Germans and the Imperialist Japanese. The fighting tactics of the guerrilla fighting tactics of the Japanese differed from the Germans more traditional battlefield array in both World Wars.

The main conflict between the allied forces during World War I was the problem of working together. The British and French argued for control and both of them wanted to control the United States once it entered into the conflict. The Second World War was fought with the allied forces working together and combining forces without hesitation in order to defeat the evil threats of the world. The combined firepower of the all allied forces is what leads to the Free World winning the outcome of the War.

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