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The Correctional Client Essay

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The Correctional Client

Is the process by which correctional clients are selected discriminatory?

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The Correctional Client
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            As a rule, judges base the selection of correctional clients not only on the offense committed, but as well as on the defendant’s criminal record. Upon the defendant’s conviction, a punishment of appropriate severity is then imposed. Yet at the end of the day, defendants with stakes in the community, such as those with excellent health, jobs and homeowners, are likely to be released on their own recognizance or on bail in the course of their trial.

Unfortunately, the decision is generally based on the assumption that the abovementioned defendants have much to lose if they contravene the order of the court. On the other hand defendants without essential assets, jobs, health problems, or those who cannot afford the posting of bail are more expected to be discriminated and placed under detention to make sure that they will not escape.

In general, the underprivileged are the ones who disproportionately carry out street crimes and probably the ones who are often difficult to administer in the prison, jail or probation setting.

Nonetheless, it is not reasonable that these people in general – unfortunate enough to have very few resources – are the ones treated more unsympathetically. For that reason, the justice system is frequently illustrated as a funnel, wherein numerous cases go in, but only a small number of them results in punishment.

What might be done to reduce actual or perceived discrimination?

            Without a doubt, there is justice involved in enforcing punishment to convicted criminals. However, the justice system is acting with grave abuse of discretion when it discriminately uses its institution in ways that violates the fundamental rights of others. To avoid discrimination in the selection process of correctional clients, judges and juries must individually evaluate and establish the likelihood of escape, recommitting of crime, health, ability to post bail, etc. of each defendant. By doing such procedure, the correctional system is not only averting discrimination against a large number of underprivileged people, but as well as upholding justice to everyone.

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