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The crucible by Arthur Miller Essay



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    The Crucible is a play written by Arthur Miller. It is

    about a time of everyday people who use lying as a weapon while

    saying they are pure and religious. This story is a prime

    example of how people will do anything to get what they want,

    even if it means hurting other people. This story is about a

    handful of girls who use other people to save themselves. These

    girls were caught dancing around a fire and what seemed to be a

    magic brew. Although these girls were doing nothing wrong they

    felt to be on the safe side to say that other people made them

    dance and sign the book of the devil.

    Although all the people in this play is getting betrayed or

    betraying other people. One of the main people in this story was

    Abigail Williams. She was mean and would do anything to get what

    she wanted. She was in love with an older married man and she

    was jealous of the wife. Abigail wanted nothing more in her live

    then to find a way to get rid of his wife so she can take her

    place. In the process of not getting in trouble for dancing in

    the woods and trying to get the love of her live, she convinced

    the other girls of hurting alot if innocent people. She got all

    sorts of people thrown in prison such as Rebecca Nurse and Mary

    Warren . She got all these people in trouble by saying she saw

    them with the devil and accused them of witch craft.

    John Proctor started to be a nice guy, but later in the book

    when his wife was accused of witchcraft he seemed to have

    changed. He ended up being mean and started to abuse his power

    to the household maid named Mary Warren who was one of the kids

    telling lies. He told her that if she did not start telling the

    truth about her and the other girls then he would kill her. By

    saying this he showed that he doesn’t care for anyone except him

    and his wife. Even though he knew from the beginning that the

    girls were lying he let other innocent people die.

    When Mary Warren went to the judge to tell the truth she

    knew either way that she was ruined. She knew that if she told

    the truth that the other girls would turn on her and accuse her,

    but if she didn’t then she knew the John Proctor would do what he

    said and kill her. She went to the court and just as she thought

    the girls said they saw her as a yellow bird. The only thing she

    could think of to take back what she said and get the girls to

    stop was to say that John Proctor was into witchcraft and he put

    The girls finally stopped with their lies when they went to far,

    they started to blame the mayors wife. After that the judge

    finally relized that all of the girls have told nothing but lies

    and innocent people died for nothing. That was the end of the

    Salem witch trials. This story was a good example of how life

    was back then, and how everyone thought they could have their

    way. The Salem witch trials killed hundreds of innocent people

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