The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Overview

Christopher John Francis Boone is a 15 year old boy, living with his father(Ed Boone) at 36 Randolph street. He is told that his mother died while being sick at the hospital. While in fact she had left and went to London with a neighbor called “Mr Shears”. Christopher is also the narrator in the text. Ed Boone is Christopher’s single father. He makes meals and take care of Christopher’s daily needs. He owns a heating maintenance and boiler repair business.

Christopher and Ed loves each other, but Christopher has a rather special way of showing it because he does not like to be touched, nor to chat about unimportant topics. But we can see that they have developed a way for them to show their love to each other without touching to much. They spread their fingers like a fan, and let the fingers and thumbs touch each other. Christopher’s father (Ed) is patient with how Christopher acts, and he takes Christopher’s feelings into account.

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Like for instance when making food Christopher don’t want to eat food that is touching each other on the plate, so he puts the food on the plate so it will not touch. Or he can change the color of food, whom has a color that Christopher does not like. In these cases we see that his father cares about him, and that he is patient about Christopher’s needs. But we also see that Ed can get really angry and lacks skill to work out problems verbally, which scares Christopher a lot. He is also devastated from the way his relationship with Christopher’s mother ended two years earlier.

Christopher and Ed have a relationship that can be hard to keep over longer periods since Ed works a lot for Christopher to have a good life and to feel safe, and Christopher lacks the social ability to show love. So for Ed it may seem like he works for nothing, since he won’t get anything back. Through the novel Christopher changes, he is a dynamic character. His mind feels safe when there is order in his life, and therefore he tries to change things that make chaos for him, for instance when wellington died it made haos in his head so he tried to fix that by finding the murderer. He is also unavailable to talk to strangers since he cannot anticipate how they will act and that makes a mess for him which leads to him feeling uncomfortable so he just tries to stay away from it. In chapter 229 he says: “And when I was asleep I had one of my favorite dreams… And in the dream nearly everyone on the earth is dead…” This also shows that he is comfortable when he is able to calculate everything.

If nearly everyone where dead he would be able to keep the balance between chaos and order in his mind. While he is traveling to London he breach both of these “safety rules”. At first he tries to avoid all kind of human contact in the train station but he soon realizes that it will not be possible. He does not manage to keep the order in his mind either, with so much going on, he says his brain stops working properly and is therefore unable to calculate every possible scenario.

By talking to the strangers he find the way to his mother, which strengthens him and his social abilities. Christopher’s biggest change is when he finds out that his father has lied for him and that his mother is alive. This is what triggers everything, his trip to London and the change in the relationship between him and his father. After he discovers the lie he feels like he cannot trust his father and this is another component to unbalance his mind and he does what is natural for him, escaping from home.

This changes everything between them since Christopher does not even want to talk to Ed at this point. Which hurts him a lot. The end chapters of the novel is about how Christopher’s father is prepared to work to regain his trust and that way reestablish a relationship with him. Christopher and the people who care for him have a problem since Christopher can’t rely on that other people are honest, he does not want to trust other people, he want to have the control himself. Which make it very hard for those who try to help him.

He also does not show feelings like love, this makes it hard for his father to understand how he feels, and what to do about it.


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