The Dark Knight Trilogy Hero’s Journey

The Dark Knight Trilogy 1. Call To Adventure A key part of the Batman movies is that when Bruce was young, he fell into an empty well filled with bats and developed a major phobia of them. Bruce Wayne witnessed his parents get murdered by a mugger by the name of Joe Chill when he was young. After years of being raised by his butler, Alfred, he decides that he is going to kill Joe Chill before he testifies against Mob Boss Falcone. At the courthouse, Bruce stands and waits, gun in hand. He is too late, for one of Falcone’s goons kill Chill before Bruce gets a chance.

Bruce decides to pay Falcone a visit and gets more than he bargains for when he is insulted and told that his father “Begged like a dog” before he was killed. This drives Wayne out of Gotham City, to a Bhutanese Prison. 2. Refusal Of Call Saddened and downtrodden, our hero (Bruce Wayne) sits and a grimy Asian prison not wanting to take responsibility for anyone, or anything. Bruce likes to fight men who are already locked up, because they have nothing to lose. He feels that this technique of practicing will make him a stronger man.

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Bruce does not want to return to Gotham and cleanse it of the corruption of crime; he feels that he is powerless and weak, until he meets Henri Ducard. Henri offers Bruce a path to the League Of Shadows, so that the League can train him to master, concur, and use his fear for personal gain. Bruce is hesitant at first but joins the League, and our hero’s journey truly begins. 3. Supernatural Aid Bruce Wayne is now a part of the League Of Shadows and has learned their secret plan. He has learnt that his mentor Henri Ducard is actually Ra’s Al Ghul, the leader of the league of shadows.

Throughout this montage of strengthening and growing, Wayne has to face his original fear. Bruce has to face Bats, the phobia that he developed when he was young before the murder of his two beloved parents. After concurring the bats, he realizes that he has not only concurred the fear of bats, but fear itself, and thus is the birth of Batman. 4. Belly Of The Whale After returning to Gotham as Batman, he is determined to rid the city of the scum he was once to weak to fight. The hero cascades through the streets fighting foes and evildoers alike, lowering the crime rate and feeling accomplished.

When Batman feels he has cleansed the streets, he is blind sided by his mentor, his guiding light, Ra’s Al Ghul. The plan of The League Of Shadows all along was to cleanse Gotham of its scum and corruption, but in a much different fashion. Batman is a vigilante of Gotham, keeping the weak and innocent safe. Ra’s Al Ghul feels the only way to cleanse the city is to destroy all that lives within its walls. The battle of teacher and student is a fight between good and evil. A fight that the Hero wins. 5. Road of Trials Batman has now been immortalized in Gotham as a vigilante.

All citizens know of him, and crime has significantly decreased. Bruce Wayne has come into a true Billionaire Playboy, keeping up a facade that he is no more than money. The film shows the hero understanding how the criminal organizations operate. Batman is now the owner of the night; mobsters don’t dare test his authority and have planned meetings in broad daylight, truly hidden from the public. Batman is in for a real fight though, when the Joker is introduced to the storyline. The ambassador of Anarchy creates situations that even the batman cannot see a point in.

The joker is a true test of the Batman, because the joker is something that no one can ever understand, judge, or anticipate. 6. Temptation Bruce Wayne is at a crossroad in his life. He as two loves: Rachel Daws and The Batman. Rachel is a longtime friend of Bruce and he considers her his closest family, next to Alfred. She is a beautiful DA but is in a relationship with Harvey Dent, another DA. Rachel knows about Bruce’s alter ego but does not want to be in a relationship with a man who quite literally breaks every law she upholds as a profession.

Wayne as the decision to stay batman and keep the crusade of keeping Gotham clean or be with the woman he loves. Our hero has decided to stick to his moral compass and keep fighting crime, which unfortunately leads to Rachels death. The Joker has kidnapped Rachel and Harvey in two separate buildings strapped to a warehouse sized bomb. Batman has to decide between love and law, and he chooses to save Harvey, as Rachel dies in the timed explosion. 7. Apostasies Batman, having faced death numerous amounts of times, has become more than just a human.

He is able to fight evil, like never before and he is rewarded, often by glorification. However, this is where the story plot messes with our minds a little bit, because it isn’t Bruce Wayne who receives the reward of glorification; it is Harvey who attains that feeling. The Joker issues an ultimatum that people will die each day unless Batman reveals his identity; as a result, Bruce plans to reveal his identity, but Harvey Dent instead names himself as Batman to protect the truth. Batman encounters more decisions to make; he must sacrifice himself to the city he loves.

He merely must become the villain, in order for true peace to exist in Gotham. 8. Refusal Of Return Having reached his goals, having saved his people, Batman doesn’t see a need to return to normal life and pain. When “The Dark Knight Rises” story begins, Bruce Wayne is now a deep hiding in his manor. A source of stories and tales suggest tales of him being messed up and disfigured. John Blake and Commissioner James Gordon encourage Batman to return, but Alfred Pennyworth resigns after a failed attempt to dissuade him, including informing Bruce that Rachel had intended to marry Dent before she died.

Bruce doesn’t want to rejoin the world because he did what needed to be done for Gotham, he doesn’t see anything wrong with the city; he believes everything worked out as it was supposed to be. 9. The Magic Fight There is something threatening the success and heroic rewards Batman thought he attained in previous missions. Something threatens to take back everything that created the peace, usually a magical being or god. This convinces Batman to return to the world by Blake and others who see that something is coming, something that is threatening to bring Gotham down. Bruce realizes his alter ego of Batman must return.

However, he is met with a man who is too strong, too powerful and just too much of a force for this old heroic persona to handle. Batman is extremely broken spiritually and physically by Bane, and is thrown back into a prison, paralleling the very beginning of his new journey. 10. Rescue from Without Batman is in dire need of help returning home. He has to fight hard to make his way back. When Bruce is locked away in the prison he is forced to watch his city burn, which angers him, troubles him, and encourages him to bounce back by mending his body and his spirit, by finding that fear that drove him from the beginning.

He acquires the help of fellow inmates who teach him that a man cannot live without pain and fear, he embraces it because that is what makes his life worth living. Bruce finally reaches the top of the wall, escapes from prison, and heads back home, where he joins forces with Selina and Blake. 11. Crossing The Return Threshold The final climax of the story is when the Batman is tested one last time. He fights a battle that isn’t quite like any other battle he had endured before. It truly pushes him to his limits and makes him use all the knowledge and skills he has obtained over the past years.

Batman is finally transformed. In the final battle to save Gotham, Batman returns and forces the city to take back control. He fights against time and the ultimate destructive force. Not only does Batman face his most terrifying opponent in Bane, but he also deals with the betrayal by Talia, until finally he finally sacrifices himself to save Gotham. Batman is no longer a villain that Gotham needed at the end of the The Dark Knight, he finally transformed into the ultimate martyr of justice, a true hero for his people. 12.

Freedom To Live Batman’s long journey is done; he can finally live happily knowing that the world is safe, and that he made a difference. Wayne’s alter ego of Batman is dead and gone. This allows him to finally live the life he never knew he could have. Quiet and in love we see him just living in the final scenes of the film; although Bruce Wayne is presumed to have been killed in the riots. Alfred witnesses Bruce and Selina together in Florence. Bruce Wayne has his freedom to live. The hero has completed his adventure.

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