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The Development And Diversity Training Program

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Over the years, organizations have updated their training, education process and has made it accessible for all types of staff that will allow employee’s better advancements, work-life balance, and a flexible training process. This will help to position technology-based organization a training application and will continue a learning advancement. An organization has become a global with their businesses, they start to become more complex with cultural diversity and training. Having a cultural diversity training program that will allow the company to compete with other organization.

In this paper, I will explain the development and diversity of training, ethical and cultural issues with the different phases of development and the legal …show more content…

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The Development And Diversity Training Program
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When creating a training program for an organization, ensuring the well-being of the employees are considered so they are able to deliver the most valuable outcomes with their jobs by being successful and perform at a high level of performance. (Treven, 2015) This can lead to further advancements as leaders, supervisors or management.

Along with the advancements, this is also a platform for less absences or turnovers and a better reputation in the work field to attract better inquiries from potential employees. (Treven, 2015) Cultural diversity management programs aim to bring awareness and skill-based training. The purpose of this training is to show the diverse groups within an organization which can improve the productivity between employees. This training will also help management understand and value each one of their employees and differences they may have. Cultural diversity training is designed to show how diversity, we all are and bring awareness of the issues in the workplace and help them to recognize underlining issues. (Treven, 2015) Diversity may be a source of problem solving which is combined with experience and knowledge that plays a role in the transformation of the existing knowledge we have with the training program. This will help the organization and the employee’s needs to reflect the changes within the organization which will also protect them against any fines that can occur when ethical .

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