The Difference that Could Take Place Now - USA Essay Example

The Difference that Could Take Place Now

The long debate on who will be the next president of the United States of America has been over for a long time already - The Difference that Could Take Place Now introduction. There had been arguments and finally, for the first time in the American history, a black American will reside in the White House as the popularly elected president of the country. The question we have for the moment and probably until he settled his cases, is America ready for a black president? The moment of truth finally came and today is the day when almost all if not every Americans will rejoice together with their new president.


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Color was never the basis of the greatness of the person. Intelligence can never be measured in how light his skin is or in how dark the color encapsulate his body. It was of course not the roots of the person that matters but the ability to make a difference and change the way things happen. Barack Obama can be the change that we can have. A black American who will rule the powerful and rich America gets his own share of responsibilities and the impression of being one great leader. His skin does not matter, the color does not count. It is his ability to become a person who can make a change and do something different for the rest of his countrymen that can be remembered by the rest of the human race that we can always count on.

Martin Luther King said: “My poor children, one day you will live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of the character” (King, I have a Dream Speech). Barack Obama, the newest president, a black American could be the bearer of change. Now, while the crown for presidency was entirely dominated by White Americans, finally someone with a black skin stood courageously in the middle of the crowd and took the crown. A black president who admits that he has goals for the country will be inside an entirely white palace, a house that will be a home to a person, a black American with a heart like a gold that will love the people and not his personal biases.  A person that changed history will also be the same person who will change our lives.

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