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The Effect Of Advertising on P

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By: Brian E-mail: emailprotected What does it mean to be physically fit? Does it mean you can throw a football like John Elway, or hit a baseball like Sammy Sosa? Does it mean you can run a mile in one hundred degree weather under twelve minutes, or swim fifteen laps across a pool in one minute? Is physical fitness being anorexic or being on steroids. Thats what the media makes it look like. The average female super model is up to fifty pounds underweight.

Sixty-two percent of football players take some form of muscle enhancing product. Many girls worry about their physical appearance. They want to look like the model in this add for Calvin Klein and other advertisements. They think thats how everyone wants them to look. Many will go to any length to get that way. That often leads to serious eating disorders like anorexia. Its crazy because even the models dont look like the adds. Almost ninety-six percent of magazine and t.

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The Effect Of Advertising on P
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v adds are touched up by computer to look perfect. The effect advertising has on some peoples personal appearance is bad. Even people that dont develop eating disorders still feel bad about themselves at one point or another because they dont look like the advertisements, like society wants them to look. The standard that the media shows has other negative effects besides eating disorders. It can also lead to shame, guilt, stress, depression, and a lack of confidence. Its not just girls that are shown in these ads. Guys are shown that they should be muscular, and well built. They sometimes turn to steroids to get like that. Some even develop eating disorders. Guys also get a lack of confidence, they just wont admit it. Most advertising discourages acceptance of people that are different than you. They show you people that look almost perfect, and a lot of people judge you on how you look compared to the models on t.v and in magazines. Advertisers shouldnt focus so much on what a person looks like. They definitely shouldnt have underweight models that are also enhanced by computers. Its okay to have good looking people in advertisements, but not to the point were its not even real, to the point when it causes someone to develop an eating disorder, or lose their self confidence. In my opinion that is wrong. Physically fit does not mean being perfect in appearance. If you eat healthy, exercise regularly, and live a healthy life style than I think you are physically fit. Word Count: 418

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