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The Effects of Divorce on Children Essay

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Many years of psychological research have been devoted to finding what effects parental divorce have on children, and yet substantial disagreements continue to exist. The majority of studies do indicate observation of at least some level of instructive or negative results in bifocals, cognitive and or psychosocial behaviors, and attitudes in children of divorced parents. Children often go through mixed feelings prior to, during and after a divorce. These can include guilt, anger, depression and even illness.

The duration and the level of effect from these feelings vary extensively, depending on any factors such as socioeconomics, parental rapport, communication and relocation.

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The Effects of Divorce on Children
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For example, studies indicate that children of educated and financially secure parents recover from divorce with less ill effects than do children from economically challenged families. Divorce can be traumatic on children but does not have to be. If parents and other family members remain amiable and cooperative, a reduction in stress for the child is likely.

Studies indicate poor parental associations and the occasionally heated communication during the divorce and after can have assisting negative psychological effects on the child.

There is often a high-level emotional content concerning divorce that can lead to unclear thinking. Mediation and counseling have proven to be beneficial and can reduce the duration and amount of ill effects. A counselor can aid a child in adding clarity to the situation and providing clear, rational support for all concerned. Title of the Paper Type the body of your essay here and probably many pages long and all correct.

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