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The Effects of Tv on Children

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The Effects of TV on Children
Nowadays, people watch more TV compared to before, so they can get all information from all around the world. TV has proved to be a boon for many children, but for others it has cursed them to get addicted. Every coin has two sides and same concept apply on TV as well, TV has several advantages and disadvantages such as get all knowledgeable information from all over the world, to pass their spare time and as negative it can be addictive to children.

Firstly, students can get all cultural and other geographic information by watching various channels on TV. Many programs are coming on different TV channels, so children can watch those programs for their entertainment. They can watch various multicultural movies on TV and it can help them to improve their language skills. Moreover, they can get more knowledge of their studies from discovery channels, which can help them to improve their exam results.

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The Effects of Tv on Children
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The effects of TV on children are good and bad also, but it depends on an individual person.
Second, TV is a most important source for entertainment and for their leisure time. They can get more information about sports, foods and many other activities. Some parents force their children to watch TV in their spare time, just to prevent them to play outside and they hurt themselves. Nowadays, smart TV has new features; they can connect to internet through TV and play many online games. Children can get information about games, different kinds of books and much other knowledge. Some children watch a TV to get some knowledgeable information and use it for their projects or assignments.
Lastly, everything on the world has some pros and cons; same TV has also its negative impact on children. Children can get more addictive by watching a TV every day and it might impact on their study and exam results. Playing outside is more important activity then watching TV at one place, it increase their health issues by sitting at one place. Children.

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The Effects of Tv on Children. (2018, Aug 15). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/the-effects-of-tv-on-children/

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