The Electoral College

True or False- The term Electoral College comes from the Constitution itself.
True or False- Although it was originally expected that a group of electors would actually elect the president and vice president, it became the practice for the electors to vote for the candidate who had the most popular votes.
True or False- Popular vote means the vote of the people.
True or False- There have been no elections in which the candidate with the most popular votes has not become president.
True or False- The writers of the Constitution felt that the voters should directly elect the president and vice president.

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How many electoral votes are there?
How many electoral votes are there for Illinois?
What is the minimum number of electoral votes for a state?
3 electoral votes
Which state has the most electoral votes?
Who had the most popular votes in the 2000 Presidential Election?
Al Gore
How many electoral votes does Washington, D.C. have?
3 electoral votes
Name a president who was elected without winning the popular vote.
George W. Bush
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