The Equation of Nursing Career Essay

The Equation of Nursing Career:

Nursing= Service + Sacrifice

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The Equation of Nursing Career
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Nurse today are among the top demand careers in the Southeast Asia - The Equation of Nursing Career Essay introduction. In the Philippines alone almost half of the graduating secondary students take nursing while more nurses every year goes to overseas. Most people think that nurses are only supporting character in the medical profession as oppose to the medical doctors, pharmacists, and medical technologists. Another sad thing is that nurses in our country are declining. Graduates are decreasing every year and our man power in nursing is even importing overseas (Jcmiras.Net_03, 2008). It’s hard to choose what career to enter. It is a dilemma of most high school graduates to choose which career their crossroads will take. I alone had difficulty in choosing one. The course of nursing happens to be service oriented. This traces back to the early history of nursing wherein Florence Nightingale helped the injured soldiers and civilians of the war. Hence, the nursing profession for me is a noble profession and can be summed up into two words- “Service and Sacrifice”.

            The role of nursing in today’s workforce is more on service orientation. Most people’s goal is to earn money out of their career- lots and lots of money just like medical doctors engineers and the lawyers do. I believe money is not just the sole basis for success but more so the number of people you made smile through helping them. “Health is wealth” as a simple quote says. Really it is, as a student valuing health is learned in school and I believe applying the values of health through the practice of nursing is a great job and is a purposive role in the work force. Nurses are thought to be emotional. They should be because among the medical personnel team, nurses are the one’s who sympathize and emphasize with their patients. Actually nurses, aside from the patients family is a great factor to lessen the burden of the patient thereby decreasing the hospital stay due to decrease health complications.

A modern professional nurse must always think of this role. Nurses role are equally crucial to those with the doctors as they ensure proper, secure, and reliable healthcare services. The problem only is that nurses are often stuck to this profession without professional growth as they are viewed as supporting characters. In contrast, a modern nurse would therefore need an upgraded professional growth in his career as a nurse to be a better contributor to the work force. I believe that the greatest role of nurses in the workforce today is more on service and leadership. They also should be spontaneous in the changing society. They meet the standards of the proper health services and incur proper nursing techniques learned in school and in experience. With these, I think proper education follows proper nursing career. Adding to that, a professional nurse should also be competent in meeting the needs of his patients as well as other people whether in the work place or not. It also entails alertness to unexpected situations. Summing up above, to be able to be a responsible professional nurse in a workforce he should possess more or less these qualities- alert, spontaneous, educated and wisdom-filled. Nursing is never an easy career. With the above mentioned characters, nursing is therefore a serious act, a noble act I choose to fulfill.


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