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The Event Process Chain Diagram

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?Question 1: Draw a flowchart for the following Medical Services: The following are the activities that take place while providing the services to the patients in XYZ Hospital: The patient arrives at the hospital and enquires at the reception The staff checks whether the patient is new or existing, i. e. , Patient in the system If the patient is New, then the patient needs to complete the paper work If the patient is existing then, checks whether Nurse is available If Nurse Not available then, send the patient to waiting Room If Nurse is available, then Nurse will check the patient’s Blood pressure, pulse, weight, Temperature.

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The Event Process Chain Diagram
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Now the Nurse checks for the Availability of the Doctor. If Doctor Not available, then send the patient to Waiting Room If Doctor available, then send the Patient to Doctor, i. e. , patient with the Doctor. Doctor examines the patient and check whether Follow up appointment is needed. If Follow up appointment Not needed then the Doctor checks for Medication If Medication requires, send the patient to Pharmacy Medicines Dispense at the pharmacy If Medication Not required, Patient leaves If Follow Up appointment requires then make an Appointment Date, Patient leaves

Question 2: Draw the Event Process Chain Diagram for a Business Process based on the following Activities.

The following are the Events and Functions for a Business Process. Develop an Event Process Chain (EPC) Diagram by using the three connectors OR, AND, XOR. Activities: If the customer order is received, check for the availability, either the articles are available or need to be produced. Only if the articles are available ,Ship the order After order the order is shipped. Send the bill Customer order completed. If the articles need to be produced,

Purchase the material and also make production plan Materials are available after purchase, Plan available after making production plan Now Material and Plan available Produce articles Make it to finished goods. Then ship the order Send the bill Complete customer order Events: Customer order received Articles available Articles need to be produced Order shipped Materials available Plan available Finished products Customer order completed Functions: Check Availability Ship order Send Bills Purchase material Make production plan Produce articles

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