The Facts - Retail Essay

> There has been nothing less than a revolution in the retail industry over the last 25 years and this has been driven by the leading retailers – multinational organisations that through consolidation, global expansion, technological sophistication, own labels and innovative store formats have shaped consumer behaviour and transformed the market-place - The Facts - Retail Essay introduction. Well-trained, resourceful and innovative graduates are urgently needed to keep that impetus going, from management positions across the industry.

> One of the largest sectors in the UK for graduate employment, retailing offers a challenging and exciting career.

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> Retailers recognise the demands they place on graduates entering the industry, and significant responsibility and reward often comes at an early age.

> Retail Management provides a pathway to an exciting career in many of the best-known companies in the world.

> Studying Retail Management will enable students to develop the skills needed to gain employment and a successful career in the retail industry. As well as modules in subjects such as marketing, finance, personnel management and business law, you will be studying the retail environment, purchasing, e-commerce and consumer behaviour.

> Retail management courses where established over 10 years ago in response to growing demand from major retail organisations for high quality graduates in retailing. Retailing is a large and dynamic sector of the economy, and many UK retailers are among the world’s most highly respected and innovative businesses.

> Retail organisations are recruiting an increasing number of graduates each year. The increasing scale, complexity and competitiveness of retailing requires professional managers capable of running multi-million pound businesses, leading large teams and using modern information systems to solve management problems, and take advantage of new opportunities such as internet retailing.

> The retail management programme prepares you for a career in retailing as a manager in one of the specialist retailing areas such as buying, marketing, merchandising, personnel, logistics or in store management.

> Retailers have become powerful international businesses in recent years. Today retail organisations strongly influence the development of new brands, establish the quality of consumer items and determine the price of goods found on the High Street and in out-of-town Malls. In recent years retailers have become dominant in the distribution channel and are now amongst the largest companies in Europe.

> There are currently 13 courses offered by institutes in the UK, which courses have been developed to meet the needs of this dynamic, constantly changing retail environment.

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