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The Family Crucible: The Intense Experience of Family Therapy Sample



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    The Brice household was referred to household therapy by a celebrated kid head-shrinker. The head-shrinker was working with the teenage girl. Claudia. for about 6 months. He felt that she was acquiring worse instead he referred the full household to therapy. The household was hesitating to take part in household therapy. At the first meeting. the 11 twelvemonth old boy. Don. was non in attending. Since it seemed like Don decided non to demo to the session. Carolyn. the female parent felt that it would be no job to get down the session. Dr. Napier expressed to the household that he felt it would be a error to get down and go on without Don. In household therapy the end is for alteration within the full household and it would be unjust to the household to non hold him be a portion of that procedure. Carolyn continued her statement that they were referred to household therapy because of their jobs with Claudia. which Don had nil to make with. Dr. Napier informed her and the remainder of the household. that their premise that Claudia was the job was merely the surface of their jobs. The whole household attended the undermentioned session and the healers could get down the therapy.

    David. the male parent. began to speak about their household issues he focused on Claudia. it seemed that she was the beginning of all their jobs. David stated that she had been in. what he called psychological problem and normally the struggle was between Claudia and Carolyn about any and everything. When David was asked to speak about his engagement in the statements he didn’t cognize how to explicate. He stated that he sometimes felt his married woman was excessively difficult on their girl and found himself supporting her. Then in recent times. he got angry with Claudia and joined in with his married woman castigating her. Dr. Whitaker so asked the male parent. to step off from the negative talk about Claudia and speak about how the whole household was. David suggested that things seemed to hold gone swimmingly until Claudia caused some kind of problem. The healers so encouraged Don and Laura. to show how they felt about their household statements. Don complained about the battles. how they merely went in circles and no 1 would be talking to each other ( Napier and Whitaker. 1978 ) . The boy sardonically stated that this dynamic made for fantastic dark at the household dinner tabular array.

    Laura shared that she was disquieted her older sister would go forth for good taking to her female parent and male parent go oning to contend and so divorce. At this point. the healers smartly shifted the attending from the whipping boy. Claudia. to the relationship between David and Carolyn. The Brice household have cooperated with one another to forestall the inside narrative of the couple’s matrimony from being exposed. and Claudia became the whipping boy responsible for doing struggles ( Napier and Whitaker. 1978 ) . Through pattern in ulterior Sessionss. Carolyn and Claudia established a better communicating manner with each other. and the healers suggested that the Brice household temporarily non attend therapy.

    After the impermanent expiration of the therapy. the Brice household returned and Don had become the new whipping boy. David and Carolyn could non hold on a apparently fiddling issue. so they used Don to contend against each other. Don did non accept his function as his parents’ boy and he looked down on his equals. Later. Dr. Whitaker said that Don’s certitude might come from David’s refusal to be a existent parent and Carolyn’s dependance upon Don ( Napier and Whitaker. 1978 ) . so Don did non play his proper function and became bit by bit chesty. Although the household did do some grade of advancement. the creative activity of a whipping boy was still the Brice family’s manner to maintain the parental relationship from being out in the unfastened. The underlying job was non presented or solved.

    Underliing IssueMany twosomes associate with their household of beginning and convey this into their ain matrimony. hence jobs occur afterwards. Harmonizing to Carolyn. her female parent had a bad pique and was extremely finical. and cipher in the household dared to pique her ( Napier and Whitaker. 1978 ) . Due to this Carolyn took such an attitude toward Claudia in add-on to do her girl act as a communicating medium between her and David. The healers in clip made Carolyn recognize that she saw her angry hubby as her female parent when she was immature. and they repeated over and over once more the scenario of one individual being highly angry and the other crying ( Napier and Whitaker. 1978 ) . Carolyn was angry because she felt David did non care about her. and David was every bit annoyed because he thought she depended on him excessively much. This twosome relieved their single felicity and freedom on each other. Carolyn began to detect herself by making things that she has ne’er done earlier. She even visited her parents with a whole new position.

    Merely as Carolyn was acquiring better and bit by bit explicating her ain individuality. David did non look to be happy. He supported his married woman on the surface. but he really felt threatened by her. and he got a occupation offer from a metropolis across the state. The healers suggested conveying the couple’s households of beginning into therapy in order to work out the job more exhaustively ( Napier and Whitaker. 1978 ) . David’s parents and sister were invited to the therapy. the older twosome shortly discovered that they needed to work on their ain relationship. The healers suggested that if David’s full household of beginning courageously took actions to hold a closer relationship with one another. this could go a theoretical account for David and Carolyn to better their ain relationship. because David’s parents had long preset the mechanism that controlled the manner he responded to his ain household relationship ( Napier and Whitaker. 1978 ) .

    DrumheadThe Brice household was described as a household of five with a male parent who was a really of import attorney. an angry female parent. and a adolescent girl in hurt. and another younger boy and girl. They came to therapy originally for their teenage girl. as their therapy went on. the healers helped them recognize that the nucleus of all the externally single jobs were really the consequences of the relationship and interaction between both parents.


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