The Fearless Granny Weatheralls Essay

"The Fearless Granny Weatherall" In the short story "The Jilting of Granny Weatherall" Katherine Anne Porter introduces an amazing character.As her name suggests, Granny Weatherall has gone through it all during her eighty years.Over the course of her lifetime she has become the person she is on her death bed. Granny was not born with her character, but developed it through her relationships.Over a lifetime a person builds character and becomes recognized by it.

This is the case with Ellen Weatherall, the woman we all know as Granny.From joy to bitter hardships, Granny has weathered all life has offered in her eighty years.Through her final hours, as she reflects on her past, the reader can see just how Granny has come to be the woman she is. The third person limited point of view in this short story provides the ability to view the world through Granny's eyes.One of the earliest examples of this is in the opening paragraphs while she is being visited by Doctor Harry.

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The Fearless Granny Weatheralls
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She explains that many years ago she endured a bout with double pneumonia and milk leg.In the time that she lived, overcoming such illnesses was a feat. She performed that feat and thus feels superior to the doctor.Strong willed and very stubborn, she has come to believe that she can beat the odds at anything.A young doctor would know very little about what she needs.Her orneriness toward the doctor shows that her orneriness gives her spunk.She may be stubborn, but it is admirable in her old age.When she was going through the hardest illnesses of her life, he was far from being a doctor.Granny puts her utmost effort in expressing this to the doctor.The strength shines through, as she needs little prompting in expressing her feelings. One of Granny's major character traits is her strength.As Granny watches life go on around her, she felt a need to be young as well….

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