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The Federal Bureaucracy

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    The Federal Bureaucracy Federal Bureaucracy Bureaucracy is a system that controls organizations. Which unfortunately when you try to accomplish something their methods have barricades and drawbacks that are time consuming and it does not allow for changes. Control is what the Bureaucracy does best, why because it is their job. Here are just three of the Federal Agency’s that the bureaucracy controls 1. FDA (U S Food and Drug Administration) Established in 1906, but then called Pure Food and Drug Act. 2.

    ICC (Interstate Commerce Commission) Established in 1887 and terminated in 1995 3. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Begin operation on December 2, 1970 FDA regulates a trillion dollars worth of products a year. The FDA ensures safety of foods, drugs, medical devices, biological products, tobacco products, cosmetics, vaccines and food and drugs for animals. The FDA formed in 1906 but not as Food and Drug Administration, but as the 1906 Pure Food and Drug Act, the name was change in 1930 to the Food and Drug Administration.

    Misbranding of foods and drugs was one of problems that drew more attention to the need of more attention for public safety. Harvey Wiley a chief chemist in 1883 was the man who took charge in the change of our public safety and concerns of our health (Centennial of FDA). The FDA grew over the years many changes and many concerns, yet their main job is the responsibility for protecting the public health by assuring safety and security responsible for public health advanced innovation to make medicines and foods more effective, less expensive and safer.

    Also by science- based technology information on foods and medicines to improve our health. On April 28, 2009 the FDA has new rules requiring all labels for over the counter pain relievers such as, Tylenol or/and ibuprofen to have extensive warnings on labels about the health risks it may cause like bleeding of the stomach and/or liver damage. All products introduced within one year from the date of July 28, 2009 must include on the front label the words “see new warnings information” for which products contain acetaminophen and/or NSAIDs.

    The implicational deadline is April 28, of this year 2010, approximately two months away. Concern is what the bureaucratic are, over the health of the people. Pushing policies and/or rules to have deadlines met. A topic of health concern, a Veal Calf Dealer in Maryland agrees to shut down his business due to repeated violations of Federal Laws and USFDA regulations. His animals were injected with illegal drugs were found by the USDA, which of course did not meet the regulations because the drugs were found in the meat a consumer would have ingested.

    If the business owner wants to reopen, he must meet with the compliance of the FFDC and with the FDA; regulations with notification and a re-inspection made and passed. (February 23, 2010 US Food and Drug Administration) Our bureaucracy is concerned in many ways with the public health and well-being. Our bureaucratic carry through with rules and regulations that are for the need of our people, with high concerns. Effectively the FDA has met or even to say exceeded approximately 97% of performance goals.

    Non-the-less still strives to fulfill new and yet some existing goals. Each year financially more money is towards ongoing and new studies, new laws and rules for the utmost reason, us. The money spent every year is worth the safety of our lives and our children. The HHS (Health and Human Services) budget for the year of 2011, which of course is now, this year, is approximately 150 billion dollars. References Us Food and Drug Administration February 23, 2010 http://www. fda. gov/ Centennial http://wwwfda. gov/AboutFDA/WhatWeDo/History/ContennialofFDAdefault. htm

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