The Federalist, No. 15 Alexander Hamilton

In the Federalist paper No. 15, Alexander Hamilton argues that a stronger central government is needed. He believes that without a strong central government we will not hold the country together politically and economically. I think he is right, without a strong central government the Union will be powerless. For Hamilton, the problem in government was the principle of legislation for states which creates multiple sovereigns. Hamilton argues that the national government is sufficiently held in check, and I agree with him.

I think that it is held in check because as he argues, it is up to the states to follow or not to follow the laws of the nation. He explains how if we didn’t have a strong central government our laws would not matter since no government will be there to enforce it, or to do something about those who disobeyed it. I think that today, the Framers will be surprised and pleased with the scope of government we have. They will be surprise to see how our laws have changed over time.

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They will be surprised by the way women or black people have the right to vote, or they might be in more shock to see that we have a black person as the president. It might also be surprising to them the way it takes long for a bill to go through, or for things to get done. But they might be pleased to see how this new laws have made our government stronger and how our country has stayed together. Hamilton’s statement “we must extend the author of the Union to person of the citizens” meant that the power of the government must be held by the people as the only right objects of government.

I agree with Hamilton, because I believe that the citizens have the right to be heard. According to Hamilton, the idea of a government is to make laws, and for those laws to have real power, they must contain a consequence or penalty. He believed that the enforcement of the law was either done by courts, or by military force. He meant that by the courts it will be with respect to the people, and by the military force will be with respect of the nations or states. Hamilton’s suggestion of the necessity of a strong central government is very accurate.

I have the same opinion because without a strong central government our country will be without any type of control. I also believe he was right because with a strong central government the Union of the country will be stronger and a lot of chaos will be avoided. I believe that the way government runs today is extremely different than before. I think that the government we have now protects our rights and the people have more opportunities in the country. Hamilton discusses how important a strong central government is, and how it affects its citizens.

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