The Five People You Meet In Heaven Essay - Part 2

The Five People You Meet In Heaven


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The Five People You Meet In Heaven
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“The Five People You Meet in Heaven” is a novel written by Mitch Albom - The Five People You Meet In Heaven Essay introduction. It is a story about death and what occurs after. What one would experience after death. My choice as Best Story.

The narrator narrates the story from a third point of view.    No participation of narrator in the story. The story begins few minutes before the main character’s death. Then series of occurrences in the earlier parts of his life were presented as flashbacks to fully impart every detail in his life. Leaving the readers wondering with curiosity at first and continued interest on being able to understand as to what and why occurrences that we’re presented happened.

The main character is Eddie. An 83-year old man maintenance worker at Ruby Pier. Used to work as a soldier, who got injured in the war, crippled for life. His character in the beginning is stiff. Caused by unfortunate events and experiences in life.  When he died he got to meet five people, some were strangers, some he knew but every one had a significant influence in his life. And then his character becomes softer, vulnerable and he started to understand what kind of life he had and understand the purpose of the things that happened in his life, the significance of every person he came across.

The story touches every reader’s life. It is one interesting story which tackles a question nobody can answer, what happens after one dies. The mood and emotions presented makes each reader relate to the main character. Its theme presents lessons in life he learned in heaven after he dies. Each lesson he learned for each person he met in heaven. In effect, after reading the story we start thinking about our own lives, reflecting on it and making sure we understand and make use of our lives worthy. Giving us a chance to ponder while we still have time, while we are still alive.  That’s the best lesson this story has to impart.



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