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The Forgotten Group Member

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1. How could an understanding of the stages of group development assist Christine in leadership situations such as this one? Christine’s leadership abilities could benefit by having knowledge of the stages of group development. Even though for the first meeting Mike was not able to be present and participate with the other group members. As a leader, Christine could have motivated Mike should have told him the importance of being present for all the group meetings so he can be part of the team.

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The Forgotten Group Member
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For example, at the lunch room incident when Mike walked away, she could have talked with him individually and explained to him that she perceives that he does not feel welcome and has been avoiding team meetings, instead of saying that they just happened to run into each others. Christine should have told him the importance of attending on a meeting and the benefits of him putting more effort and enthusiastic to the group meetings.

Christine should also let him know that all his contributions and all his ideas could contribute and add value to the team.

She could also indicate that the team’s success will only be possible when every member gives support and contributes. If Christine follows those steps she could push Mike to be more secure and be able to join the group during the forming stage and hopefully move quickly to the norming and then performing stages. 2.

What should Christine understand about individual membership in group in order to build group processes that are supportive of her work group’s performance? Christine as group leader should understand that the every person has different personalities and that people need to blend in the group by putting effort to combine their needs and the group could shine to express and receive feelings of inclusion, control and affection because those points are important to the success of the team. Christine should focus more motivation.

In this way the group members can emphasis more on their skills and task assigned for the project motivation by this we mean their inclination or motivation to do their jobs earning a good great and importantly to add value to whatever it is that the group does. Motivation is a key factor for making people’s success. Christine can build group process addressing those needs. For example, since Mike initially revealed himself as a class clown, she could ask Mike to be creative and contribute his sense of humor to the project at the time of the presentation of the ase.

3. Is Christine and effective group leader in this case? Why or Why not? I think Christine it is a good leader because she pushed the group to do the work and to get together, even though I think every member should put their own motivation and effort to get together because they are adult enough and mature to see what should be a priority in their life. Christine should organized the tine for them to get together and organized the group project not to be in their behind like if she was their mother.

I think Mike it is he problem in the group because he does not show any responsibility for the other group members. Mike looks like if he does not care. I think when people sing in for a class should show more responsibilities and should leave their personal life aside when it comes to school projects and assignments. However, I think Christine should push the group members to put more motivation and get more time to organize the project. Also, Christine should communicate in a better way by give a deadline to turn in their part of the assignment to her the group leader.

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