The Four Strategies for Group Cohesiveness

For group cohesiveness there are four strategies: Composition, Individual Benefits, Task Effectiveness and communication - The Four Strategies for Group Cohesiveness introduction. I believe our group can effectively use these four strategies to help our group. Group composition is a mix of individuals that provides the best chemistry for interaction and achievement of a goal. In the way of group Composition I believe that our group is fairly reasonable. We have a group team leader in Travis to take charge if need be. We have Michael who will suggest alternate ideas that we might not think about.

Then we have Ryan who is a Energizer, that helps kick our group into gear and motivate us when we are getting lazy or off topic. Individual Benefits is probably one of our best attribute for our group. This is due to that fact that we all have the same “school goals”. We strive to keep A’s in all of our classes, try to show up to every class and help each other out with subject unknown to them. With our minds set to the same goals it makes it easier for us to push each other to obtain our goals.

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Task effectiveness ties a lot into the other two strategies a lot. Because we have a good group composition and our individual goals are the same, this helps us with how effective we work together to achieve our common goals. Not one member of our group sits around and twiddles their thumbs we all do our fair share of the work, so we don’t let the other members of our group down. This helps keep us motivated to effectively complete the task we were given in a timely and efficient manner. The last strategy is Communication.

This, in my opinion, is the most important strategy of them all. If a group cannot communicate between each other, that group is bound to fail. Communication is key to everything. This is another strategy our group does extremely well. We have traded phone numbers, email addresses, Facebook pages and more to keep in touch of what we need to do and when we need it done by. Also in our group meetings if anyone has ideas or suggestions on what we need to do, we let each other voice our opinions.

Because by all members participating in each task and voicing their idea, this lets each member feel like they contributed to the project. So in conclusion I truly believe that all of these different strategies for group cohesiveness are important in their own right. Some might be more important to other and vice versa, but you have to have a bit of each for your group to succeed. I also believe our group uses the four strategies as best as we can to help make ourselves and each other succeed in anything we need to do in the future.

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