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This can be formed from the use of layout and use of visual representations to convey one’s message. In contrast, Merchant discuss the language [used in blobs], tends to be informal or even playful in quality. (Merchant, 2006). Miami uses specific elements to characterize with their viewers, a binary made from still images that are being used for serious news stories to where film movements of celebrity gossip are in text imagery.

I agree to Merchant’s statement to some extent as blobs, are created to be used for posting ideas and essentially of personal choice and having the public articulate their own views and ideas by posting comments.

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2nd paragraph . Rich, M. (2008, July 27). “Some literacy experts say, is that spending time on the Web, whether it is looking up something on Google, entails some engagement with text. ” agree with this theory as today online, you are not only reading text, but you are engaging with it, unlike old media such as Television where you just watch and understand.

Furthermore “A culture makes available s means for making meaning” (Cress,2003). This statement made by Cress emphasizes multimedia elements make their conveying messages through the representation of text, images, film, voice and other means. Miami has a structure where you can diminutively select what tab are interested in and links you to further depths of understanding that particular subject. 3rd paragraph. Mamma-aim being synchronous, this may be considered a lack of social affordable in comparison to backbone that is instant and has a sense of co- presence.

The digital sphere is limitless when it comes too engaging and immunization one’s ideas. “Presentation of one’s “true” self, the anonymous online world is somewhere in the middle, allowing people to present their “hoped-for possible selves” (Heuristics, Weatherboarding’s, & McCabe, 2005). Miami rely heavily on blob comments, you have a free choice to show your authentic self or remain anonymous . Unlike backbone where there is a real- name filter system and are required to show your authentic self. How we engage in these mediums and how we respond is the presentation to the virtual world of ourselves.

If there is a world of ‘half of our true selves’ how our we to preferential how we perceive ourselves in the virtual world compared to offline world. 3. Annotation References : Cress, G. (2003). The new environment of writing. In Literacy in the new media age (up. 19-25). London, 1. K: Rutledge. This was useful to provide insight in my essay to questions you may think about when targeting an audience to convey your message too. Rich, M. (2008, July 27). Literacy debate: Online, r u really reading? New York Times. To support evidence in my essay that you can learn as much online as you do by watching television.

Old media to new media. Merchant, G. 2006). A sign of the times: Looking critically at popular digital writing. In J. Marsh & E. Millard (Des. ), Popular literates, childhood and schooling (up. 93-108). London, ELK: Rutledge. To somewhat agree to the thought of blobbing considered as informal and not serious in the digital sphere. I somewhat argued it can also depend on one’s content. A J, Robinson. Jenkins, H. K, Clinton. M, Weigh. R, Portsmouth. (2009). Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture: Media Education for the 21st Century (up. 25). London, England: Cambridge.

Using this reference states that there are arioso ways to change a communicators way of approach to new media, which is further discussed in easy with the use of media elements. Benjamin Grosser. How the Technological Design of Backbone Homogenates Identity and Limits Personal Representation. Retrieved from http:// bangers. Com/blob/how-the-technological-design-of-backbone-homogenates -identity-and-limits-personal-representation/ This reference includes an insight of a potential risk of forming a confusion to links with online authentic self. I use this in how someone can be presented in a ‘not a true self.

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