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The Gambia Country( West Africa)

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    The Gambia has a population of 1.038 million people. Most Gambians rely on tourism to feed their family and to get through their lives day by day.

    The benefits of tourism in The Gambia is that is brings in employment for the hosts. They are able to sell souvenirs on stalls and work in hotels and chalets where tourists are staying. Tourism brings in different kinds of cultures and each culture is acknowledged and information is taken in and learnt about different cultures. The condition which the Gambians live in has been taken into account and charities try to raise money to help the country.

    The impact of tourism on the local community was that the tourists were separated from the residents of The Gambia.Tour operators thought if the tourists saw how the people of The Gambia lived this would put them off visiting again. Recreational facilities were made for tourists like swimming pools and gyms which the local community had no access to. Tourist guards were introduced on the beaches to stop the local population mixing with the tourists.

    Land owned by the local community was taken without any compensation. People who lived on the outskirts of The Gambia do not have any land to grow crops or plant vegetables.The lack of jobs for the people of The Gambia have forced residents mainly children to resort to other ways to make money. They would try to befriend tourists by explaining their background and trying to win the tourists affections.

    Some would offer to guide tourists and help them to bargain for goods and services. By doing this they hope to get rewarded for protecting the tourists. Some become male or female prostitutes and have sexual relationships with tourists for money. One cannot say that tourism brought in prostitution, drugs and homosexuality into the country but it does provide a wider market for these kinds of activities.

    Around the Market, November 2000 Dress is an important impact on the religionof the Gambian people. Most of the Gambian population are Muslims and it is their religion to cover themselves up. Seeing tourists wearing next to nothing on beaches can offend them. The impact of tourism on the physical environment is that the Gambian coastline has taken a huge beating over the last few years.

    Evidence of erosion can be seen all over the tourism development area which extends along the coastline. Debris from demolished beach bars are scattered all over the beach.The Gambian coastline is 81 kilometres long and it said to be eroding at a rate of 1-2 metres each year. Most of the Gambian tourist industry is built along the coastline.

    Plants in the sea are being damaged by boats taking tourist on boat trips where the anchor is left down and all the plants are being dragged out of its roots and destroyed. In the areas of Palma Rima Hotel Beach, everything seems to be quiet. Craft market dealers look like they have run out of ideas on how to make their business survive. Stall owners, mostly women, appear moody and lost in thought, as their precious items are longer attracting worthy buyers.

    There are worries that tourists have become targets in thefts, muggings and violence.Students In A Basic SchoolStudents In A Basic SchoolThe cheapest way to get around The Gambia is by “bush taxi”. In the urban area, it is (almost) always the fastest, most efficient way to travel if you don’t have your own mode of transport.

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