The Giver Writing Prompt

It’s almost midnight and you’re almost finished with your sixth cup of coffee. Your eyes strain as you stare at your computer screen looking at college applications. Once again, you go through the college pamphlets scattered on your desk and you read paragraphs to see it they provide a good Job in the field you want. Sounds like a nightmare, right? Well, believe it or not this is reality for students looking for a college that suits their interests. Every day, more than a million students struggle to find a Job that meets their interests.

However, in the book, The Giver, the characters get assigned a Job from the “Elders”, so they don’t have to go through this taunting process. The “Elders” Judge the community of people ever minute, so they can give them a Job according to their skills and talents. In my opinion, assigning people a Job based on their skills and talents is a very effective method for various reasons. To begin with, this method will allow you to find hidden talents within yourself. If you don’t try something you will never know if you like it or are good at it.

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For instance, if you don’t test out your drawing skills by putting your best effort forward in a drawing you will never know if you really have a talent or special skill for it. In the same way, getting assigned a Job is not a necessarily a bad thing. Even though you may not get a job you had your hopes for you might get a Job that you will find you have a lot of potential talent in. To add on, by finding your talent within a Job you will slowly start o enjoy it, even though if it wasn’t the one you had on mind.

Overall, you don’t know what the future holds. Therefore, it is it better to get assigned a Job and find hidden talents within in rather than to put off something you may be really good at. Additionally, this method will preclude you from going into poverty. Due to the fact you are assigned a Job you will become worry free of going into poverty. In the community you will always live a successful life with a decent salary Job, unless in rare circumstances you get released from the community.

However, unlike the real world you will not have to fear about getting fired and living in poverty until you find another Job. Some people believe by being assigned a Job people will have to spend their entire life doing a Job they may not like. However, the “Elders” are always watching their every action and noting them down. To add on, with deep analysis and thought they examine their skills and talents and determine the Job which best suits it. Therefore, they always get a Job they most likely wanted in mind before.

Although, even if they don’t like their Job at first they will eventually start enjoying it as their life passes. Finally, with this method you will make new friends. Even though you will be forced to leave your childhood friends you will make new friends that have the same skills and talents as you. Furthermore, you will still be able to keep contact with your older friends. Even if you won’t get to see them every day you will have the ability to keep touch with them from time to time, since there is no rule saying you can’t do this.

Overall, this method will allow you to make friends with the same skills as you and it will allow you to keep in touch with your older friends. All in all, I strongly believe assigning people various Jobs based on their skills and talents is a very successful method. This method will allow you to discover hidden talents within yourself you were unaware of, it will preclude you from going into poverty, and it allow you to make new friends that have the same talents within you. With this many benefits, I believe every community should utilize this successful method!

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