The Global Problem Called Global Warming Essay

The Global Problem Called Global Warming

Global warming is a serious environmental problem that needs to be addressed around the world.
Global warming will be described in detail - The Global Problem Called Global Warming Essay introduction. We will research the most recent updates of the extent of the global warming problem. In this part, it will be explained how and why global warming needs to be addressed.

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The Global Problem Called Global Warming Essay
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Global warming is occurring for a couple of different reasons but the culprit is enlarging hole in the ozone layer.

Global warming may have many causes, including natural processes like volcanic activity and solar radiation and human activities that have resulted in atmospheric changes. All the reasons why global warming is occurring will be explored. The conditions at present will be compared to past data. The purpose of the ozone layer will also be explained and how does the “hole” in it could be damaging to our environment.

Holes in the ozone layer are caused by pollutants like exhausts from fossil fuels and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) from human products like hairsprays and refrigerants.
The human pollutants that could degrade the human layer will be discussed. How do the chemical reactions of these pollutants affect the ozone layer?  What other human activities and by-products could cause the holes in the ozone layer? New research about pollutants that harm the ozone layer will also be considered.

Global warming has not only caused the rise in temperature, it also triggered major weather changes (like droughts, stronger hurricanes, heat waves) and increased ocean levels.
In this part, the climate changes around the globe will be studied and compared to those of the past. The consequences of global warming are many and even include planetary motion. Why do hurricanes become stronger and heat waves become more extreme with global warming? Is there a possibility that the ice caps will melt and drown all people?

Global warming leads to another grave phenomenon called “the greenhouse effect”.
The “greenhouse effect” will be explained. What will be its ill effects to our environment? Scientific evidences will be gathered to prove how greenhouse effect could be more harmful than global warming.

Everyone should be aware of the adverse effects of climate change due to global warming and this phenomenon requires urgent attention and action on the part of all countries around the world.
Politicians and scientific experts continue to debate which measures—if any—should be taken to slow or stop global warming. Why should everyone be involved in solving this problem? The ways on how ordinary people could contribute to minimize global warming will be enumerated. New solutions will also be researched on how people could avoid minimizing or deterring the pollutants that could harm the ozone layer.

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