Love quotes from the great gatsby

A belief in self-reliance and hard work versus what Nick Caraway would call “the service of a vast, vulgar, and meretricious beauty’, respectively. Also they can be described as the pursuit of noble goals (old) and the pursuit of power and pleasure, a very fundamentally empty form of success (new). It is easy to see the vast differences between the Old, heavily valued version Of the American dream and its new, zero value, self-centric counterpart. These vast differences justify the criticism of the newer more material oriented version of the American dream.

Fitzgerald does a good job of illustrating this point by dividing one setting into three: East Egg, West Egg, ND the Valley Of Ashes. The value systems change from location to location. In East Egg as proven by Tom when he interrupts Daisy or hits Myrtle, the value system is the modern version, however, in West Egg and the Valley of Ashes, as proven by Nick and Gatsby by their manners and etiquette, and enforced by Dry. Eagleburger symbolic existence of all seeing eyes, there is that perception as there was in the value systems of the past.

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Thus, the detailed and complex writing style of Fitzgerald does help to get his theme across. Second, the issue of “sight and insight”- the perception that there is no all eyeing presence (higher accountability) in the modern world, is an issue that needs to be dealt with. Only Lossless and Nick understand the dilemmas in the novel, but Gatsby, Tom, Daisy, Myrtle, Mr.. McKee, Mrs.. McKee and George are all blind to the truth, this is because they have an impure motive as the reason that they are doing what they are doing.

For example, Gatsby wants to win Daisy’s heart through his possessions and wealth. This motive would be pure except for that fact that Daisy is married. Dry. Cocklebur represents this higher accountability in the Valley of Ashes, which is minimally presented in the novel to show how now there are not many people with the old fashion values such as Dry. Cocklebur. The fact that so many characters are blind to the truth is not farfetched; it is Seen all the time in today’s society. Not only are people blind to the truth, most cannot differentiate between truth and fallacy.

What is farfetched is that a minor character, Lossless, who one only sees in a few scenes, understands the whole dilemma that is The Great Gatsby. Fitzgerald used Lossless in the same way he uses Dry. Cocklebur; as a symbol for a figure of higher authority than the average man. Another thing that is unusual is that Nick Caraways father is only mentioned once, though his quote is an underlying concept in the whole novel, and what is more unusual is that it is before Nick, the main character and narrator, is introduced, although it is connected to the theme because it is what one would call insight.

He is a representation of old values as inferred from his quote from page six of The Great Gatsby, again to prove the scarcity of people with older value systems. Tom’s arrogance is a perfect example of the sub-theme because if there was that perception of an all eyeing presence then he would not keep interrupting Daisy when she is talking to Nick. This is the same with Tom’s affair. The perception of an all seeing force would stop him from having the affair. Tom also would not have hit Myrtle he perceived that there was some higher authority to enforce morals.

Someone who believes that the American Dream is dead would argue that since American value systems are lost, the American dream is truly dead. If, however, the American Dream is in fact dead, then how does one explain the reason people still struggle for what they do not have, which is the ere concept of the American Dream. This is proof that the American dream still exists in some sick, twisted, barely recognizTABLE form of its own. Also, everyone tries so hard to get what they want, whatever that might be.

For example, sports teams, or the chess team, or the debate team, or any other competitive team striving to get the championship trophy, belt, medallion, plaque, or other type Of material recognition, material is the keyword in this instance. This being said, one would wonder if someone else would try so hard to win if there was nothing to win but bragging rights. What one wants s not always as pure as winning a trophy. For example if one wants money there are two ways he or she can get it.

There is the easy way and the right way. The easy way would be to steal the money from somebody else. The right way, however, is to work harder and do better so that the person would earn his or her own money. For example, in the novel Nick likes to earn what he has. Although he will accept minor gifts and be glad to have them, when Gatsby sends over the flowers and silver Nick accepts the gifts because he wants to be polite not because he wants personal gain from these gifts, or the wineries of them.

Another thing is the fact that people in modern society place value on each other based on the material things a person has such as the brand names of clothes a person wears, the cellular phones a person has, the vehicle a person drives, and the town a person lives in. However, people should place value on each other based on how a person acts not what a person has. For example, Tom looks down on Nick because Nick makes less money, has a smaller house, lives in West Egg, and does not look as attractive as Tom does.

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