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The Head Start Program

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The highest rates of oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) and conduct disorder

(CD) are found in low-income welfare families. The Head Start program is for the

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The Head Start Program
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“continued enhancement of services for poor children ages zero to five, and their

families.” The parents of the children in the Head Start program are rarely examined.

Head Start instead focuses on the academic performance of the involved children. The

article, “Preventing Conduct Problems in Head Start Children: Strengthening Parenting

Competencies” in The Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology decides to take a

different approach. Instead of singling out the child and holding only the child

responsible for their social and academic behavior, they put the responsibility on the

family, the school as well as the child.

Nine centers were chosen from within one large urban Head Start district

(representing six school districts) on the basis of their similarity in terms of ethnic

minority percentages, teachers qualifications, family service workers qualifications and

education, number of classrooms, number of children, children’s enrollment age, and

length of Head Start class (4 hr per day).

Another factor was their willingness to

participate in the study and to be randomly assigned to either the intervention group

(PARTNERS), which is supposed to be an early prevention group to prevent the

development of ODD and CD in young children. Or being randomly assigned to the

CONTROL group (Head Starts regular curriculum).

The Nine Head Start centers were randomly assigned to either groups. This is a

plus because the whole center, not just a few classes in the center, is involved in the

chosen program. Also, the centers didn’t debate on which program that they’d like to

participate in. There were more families in the experimental group than in the control

group. The Partners or Control program is the independent variable (depending on which

group the child is a part of). The child’s conduct is the dependent variable.

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The Head Start Program. (2018, Jun 14). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/the-head-start-program/

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