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The “Hills Like White Elephants”

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This story revolves around the theme of a girl named ‘Jig’, who gets in a conversation between her husband/boyfriend in a place that symbolises the theme of the story and conversation that is being held. The genre of this short story is very much similar to the genre of a how simple short stories are told and it has managed to create a real conversation which is set in a fairly realistic place, although the entire scenario is fictional. The “Hills Like White Elephants” is about a frustrating talk between the two couple in which the American man is trying to convince her girlfriend on not having a baby as it may ruin their happy life.

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By the highlighting the symbols, it is clarified that the girl is pregnant and wants to have a baby for their better future. The American tries to talk her out of it and says he loves her, for example, “and everything between them will go back to the way it used to be”.

In the end, she finally begs him while saying, “Please, please, please, please, please, please stop talking” (Clugston, 2010). Jig realises that even if she has to abort her child, she will do it, if there is a chance where they can be happy again and stop arguing over matters.

In the story we see that the girl’s inability to speak Spanish with the bartender, not only proves the fact that she is dependent on his boyfriend but also tells how difficult it is for her to express herself to others In our story we see two major symbolizations that have been used, the white elephants that Jig called the hills and the rail road station. The author has used these three elements to develop a theme to this story in which the girl has identified her problems in a scenario mixed with a complex argument that is going on in between them.

The white elephants develop into a different meaning and change the tone and the theme of the story as the story prolongs. It symbolises for the couple (Milhauser, 2008). A white elephant generally exists as a thought of an unusual and cumbersome problem. Various theories exist, the white elephant could be the pregnancy itself or it could be the Jig’s reluctance on getting an abortion. Likewise, both co-relates to the fact that Jig is facing a big problem.

Whereas the train station symbolises the time for the both couple to decide, having less time on boarding the next train, the girl had to decide about her life, in this case it symbolises deciding a new life ahead. As we know that a conflict shapes a plot, referring to conflict, in this story, ‘Jig’ is a character that follows the protagonist approach and the American follows the antagonist, we see that in this story the protagonist gives away to the antagonist, which is quite different from how usually short stories are told, which of course depends upon the structure of the story (Clugston, 2010).

To construct this story a point of view is needed and in this story, the point of view is the Third-person point of view. Remaining as the third-person point of view, the story gives a mystery of what actually is happening until the climax of the story is reached. In order to deliver a deep meaning, the author has used a third-person point of view so that the story is not clear till the end. To get into more detail, this is has an omniscient narrator. The tone of the author is what makes this story more appealing and gets a reader into suspense.

With a controlled and enigmatic tone, the writer has managed to create an intense argument having a deep connection to the theme of the story. The intense use of dialogues and symbolism in a short extract, he has created a powerful effect on the mind of reader. Continuing a haphazard conversation, like in a public place when we hear two people having an intimate conversation, we eventually have to walk away because we do not know what they are actually talking about, similarly, following the exact writing style and giving a tone of privacy, the writer has created a imilar tone to the whole aspect of the story, making the reader to figure out what actually the two couple are talking about.

To conclude, the epic use of words relating to different, more complex ideas, the author of this story, Ernest Hemingway has amazingly delivered a message for readers that is appraisable about classifying the characterization of the two characters, Jig, being a typical ‘bitch goddess’ who is a sympathizing character and the American being a typical man, who cares about what he wants in life and evades the fact of getting into fatherhood with his expected baby.

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