The History of Electronic Medical Records Essay

Case Manager D&S Community Services – Nashville, TN – January 2013 to Present Responsibilities my responsibilities were to keep all files up to date I made sure that each client had OT, PT and ST plans - The History of Electronic Medical Records Essay introduction. I made sure that there physicals and dental was up to date. I did the scheduling as well as monthly reviews on each individual I do risk assessment made sure all filing was done and put files and alphabetical order I fax answer phone calls and copy thing as well as greeting the family and clients when they came in to the office when on ISP meeting and do QA all the notes on each client.

Medical Assistant Tennessee Pediatrics – Nashville, TN – January 2013 to November 2013 Responsibilities scheduling appointments, checking patients in and out, updating patient’s charts, faxing and scanning shot records, assisting Doctors with patients, giving injections and drawing blood, giving CBC, hematology, and running urine analysis, taking vital signs, and a variety of other test that pertain to the needs of the patient

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The History of Electronic Medical Records
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Phlebotomist Technician / Receptionist tech CSL Plasma – Madison, TN – January 2012 to December 2012 phlebotomist there and the receptionist tech I put in data and do vital signs welcome guess when they enter the door and setting up machines DC in which means disconnect donor from the machine can sitting up machines in preparing them for their donations

Direct Care Professional Tennessee Family Solutions – Nashville, TN – March 2010 to February 2012 Ensured the implementation of outcomes, therapeutic plans, programs and service information between the day/school programs. Ensured the implementation of the Individual Support Plans, ISP and documentation and tracked any progress from the ISP plans. Maintained open communicants with legal guardians, advocates, conservator and indepent support coordinator. Ensured consistency of individual skills effectiveness of programming, service objectives daily notes. Monitored all doctor appointments and follow up appointment along with medications for individuals served. Ensured the home for safety and environmental issues to help to resolve the issues if any were found. Ensured that each individual’s current nutritional and behavior management plan was being carried out

Technician Assistant Donaldson Place Caring Rehabilitation – 2008 to 2009 Administered and monitored the care of the patients. Ensured active treatment programs were being implemented to meet the need of the patient. Developed behavior support systems to help reduce challenging behaviors of the patient. Encouraged self-development of the patient while they were in the care of the agency. Assisted the activities coordinator with daily activities of the clients. Assisted nurses with passing daily medication to patients. Completed all paper work in a timely manner.

Resources for Human Development Care Provider 2008 to 2009
Ensured the daily living skills of the clients were being met. Ensured that all regulations were met for active treatment and for all services provided to the client. Ensured the each client medical and nutritional management plan was being followed daily. Ensured consistency of individual skills effectiveness of programming, service objectives and daily notes. Ensured the home was maintained for the safety of the client. Completed all paper work in a timely manner. Tracked and implemented behavior supports that were needed for the client.

COMPUTER AND PROFESSIONAL SKILLS: CPR and First Aid Certified. Unlicensed Professional Medication Administration Certified Proficient with Microsoft office word, Power Point, Excel, Outlook.

Medical assistant in M.A Nashville College of medical careers – Nashville, TN January 2009 to January 2010 High School Diploma Cornerstone Christian High School – Georgia January 2005 to January 2008

Five years’ experience in the Developmentally Disabled and Mentally. Challenged individuals served. Experienced with proving medical assistance
to clients while in rehabilitation.

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