The Howard Review Bows Out Essay

After a rich, nearly forty year history, Dennis McHaney is pulling the plug on his classic Howard fanzine, The Howard Review - The Howard Review Bows Out Essay introduction.  Issue number 14 will be his last and features a stellar line-up:

“The Howard Collector” by Dennis McHaney, “The Robert E. Howard Poetry Collection: An Overview” by Frank Coffman, “The Best of Robert E. Howard: An Overview of the Two Volume Set” by Rusty Burke, with illustrations by Jim & Ruth Keegan, “Humorous Westerns Are Serious Business” by Rob Roehm, “Breckenridge Elkins: Robert E. Howard and Filial Piety” by Mark Finn, “Breckenridge Elkins, A Bibliography,” “Origin of Robert E. Howard’s ‘Suicide Note,’” “The Writing Table of Robert E, Howard by Paul Herman, “The Progress Vol. One, Number Two,” “Old Songs that Men Have Sung,” “Evil Deeds at Red Cougar Synopsis (Incomplete)” by Robert E. Howard, “Gunman’s Debt Synopsis, page 4” by Robert E. Howard, plus additional features and artwork.

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The Howard Review Bows Out
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