The Hunger Games Essay

The movie The Hunger Games made some changes that made difficult to understand The Battle between Good and Evil - The Hunger Games Essay introduction. The first difference I’ve notice is that in the book, Gale is Katniss best friend in District 12. The two hunt together and divide up what they catch. Although there’s no romance in the relationship, Katniss continually evaluates her feelings for him. But when she is sent to compete in the games, Gale is left behind. While Katniss thinks about him during the games, the story never shows him after the games begin.

In the film, the first-person narrative is changed to a third-person narrative so viewers will see what Gale is doing as Katniss competes in the games. We watch as he waits for Katniss and notices that she’s developing a relationship with Peeta. Rue is the youngest person in the hunger games. She’s a tribute from District 11; she is forced to compete with older teenagers that are much stronger than her. During the training sessions, she develops an appreciation for Katniss and the two of them form an alliance in the games.

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Katniss is particularly interested in protecting Rue because the young competitor reminds her of her younger sister. When Katniss’ sister Primrose was chosen to compete, Katniss stood up to take her place, but no one volunteered to take Rue’s place, so Katniss feels solidarity with her. In the movie, the connection between Rue and Katniss’ sister isn’t show over. The two still form an alliance, but Katniss’ sympathy for her is never shown in the film. One of the similarities of both the book and the movie is that they both take place in Capitol.

Capitol is a highly advanced metropolis that holds absolute power over the rest of the nation. Katniss gets the mocking jay pin someway or somehow. This pin is like the signature of Katniss or her lucky charm. In the beginning of the Reaping Katniss volunteered as tribute in order to take Prim’s place. She did it to save her sister from being in the Games. In addition the movie and the book both lets Katniss agree about pretending to like Peeta during the Games and they both even let Katniss get a letter from Haymitch that says to kiss Peeta in order to outsmart the Capitol.

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