The Hunger Games Isu Journal Essay

Independent Study Journal: The Hunger Games For my independent novel study, I have decided to use Suzanne Collin’s Novel the Hunger Games; a story set around a teenaged girl’s firsthand account of gladiator-like sports in a post-apocalyptic era where North America once stood - The Hunger Games Isu Journal Essay introduction. The book creates a mood or sense of suspense and hope for Katniss Everdeen, the protagonist who has to fight for survival in the Hunger Games. This reminds me of and relates to the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding.

Where in his novel, a group of boys are found stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere and must fight for their survival as well as hope to be rescued. Katniss, just like the boys, finds herself trapped in an arena with other tributes, but instead of joining up with them she must fight them to the death in order to survive. She also has hope for her family. That her mother and younger sister Prim are surviving without her being able to care for them by hunting and providing them with a proper meal.

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So far, throughout the book my favourite character has been Katniss because all of the characteristic’s she possess and I can relate to her. She is said to be sixteen years old, quite, independent, caring, determined, talented, and fierce. She has lived a hard life in district 12 of Panem, from losing her father in a mining accident to having to care for her mother and sister. She shows how caring she is throughout the book by volunteering to take Prim’s place as a tribute, but also how fierce she is by shooting an arrow through an apple out of the gamemaker’s meal in order to prove herself.

She demonstrates her independence by being the head of her family and her determination by her devotion to win the Hunger Games. However, her main characteristic is being extremely talented at hunting with a bow and arrow, which is what gives her a fighting chance at survival. I can relate to her by also being sixteen, quiet, independent and determined. Just like Katniss, once I set a goal for myself, I stop at nothing to achieve that goal and don’t let anything stop me.

Symbols that I have noticed so far into this novel are dandelions, which represent hope for Katniss because they are the first thing she seen after receiving bread for Peeta. The mockingjay pin Katniss wears in the Hunger Games to represent district 12 stands for a creature with a spirit of its own, meaning that it’s free to do what it wants like the mockingjay bird. The tracker jackers which are a mutant animal the capitol of Panem made up is a symbol of the overwhelming power the capitol has over its people and the districts.

The reality television stands for fame and fortune for the districts that have the skills and resources to produce a winning tribute, but it symbolizes weakness, poverty, suffering and sacrifice to districts like district 12. Food symbolizes wealth, happiness and comfort and is the dividing line of the rich and the poor. One of the themes I have come across in the novel is love verses friendship. One of the main questions regarding this theme is: does Katniss do certain things out of love or friendship?

Katniss is unable to love and refuses to become attached to people. The only people she shows affection towards is her sister Prim, her mother and her hunting friend Gale. Despite her inability to love, the viewers of the Hunger Games believe that she is in love with her tribute partner Peeta. However, there is the possibility that she is only pretending to be romantically involved with him to gain viewer support. Therefore, as the reader were left wondering if she actually does have feelings towards him or is it just a strategy to win or is she just a loyal friend?

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