The idea of becoming a Green School Essay

Dear Ms.

Fong,I am writing to you so that I present the idea of becoming a Green School. In the long haul, this program will reduce the schools bills, make our school a cleaner and safer environment and convince the other students to take what they’ve learned and use it in their daily lives. The process of getting into the habit will be hard at first, but in the long run it will prove to be worth the effort.Some of the ways that I think we can help the environment are easy to get into, others aren’t so much.

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The idea of becoming a Green School
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One of my ideas is to turn off the lights in the class rooms sometimes and let more natural light into the learning environment. Although it may only be by a little, we will be cutting down on out electricity usage and it will give the students some natural light rather then incandescent light.One that will be harder to get into a habit is to encourage the students to take garbage free lunches to school. This will decrease the garbage that is in our rooms as well as decrease the amount of litter that is strewn about the school yard after lunch.

This will make our learning environment a cleaner place and it will be safer for the children and the animals that run across our yard while we’re inside.Once we as a school get into the habit of recycling and saving electricity within the school, we hope that the students will begin the use these ideas in their daily lives. They will get into the habit of recycling their cans, bottles, and juices boxes after their done and they will learn to keep the lights turned off in the house until they are needed.Our over all hope is that one day we can clean up the earth and make it a safer place for the students and children of tomorrow.

We can’t force everyone to do it in one night but starting our school on the program may be the little help that convinces people to start going green as well. Before we know it, it may start a chain reaction.

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