The Illustrators of REH: The Art of Michael L. Peters Essay

For nearly ten years Michael L - The Illustrators of REH: The Art of Michael L. Peters Essay introduction. Peters’ fantastic artwork has graced the pages and covers of REH: Two-Gun Raconteur. From his very first appearance in 2006 through today, Michael’s work has been a fan favorite. As far as Michael’s background and experience goes, I’ll let him speak for himself with this blurb from his website:

I’ve drawn Comics for such publishers as Heavy Metal Magazine, Desperado, Caliber, Image, and CFD. I create and sell Prints mostly on mythological and fantasy themes, in pen and ink, watercolor and/or acrylics. A few years ago, I was hired by Ferris State University to create a series of pen and ink portraits of their former presidents. I’ve taught drawing and illustration through a local art gallery, though I don’t have a degree. What I’ve learned about drawing and painting, I’ve learned through my own studies and practice and from following the example of those I respect.

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The Illustrators of REH: The Art of Michael L. Peters
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Michael offers for sale many prints of his art through his website and he does commissioned pieces as well. You can also contact Michael directly here.

Currently Michael is hard at work on the second volume of his Crescent City Magick fantasy graphic novel series set in modern-day New Orleans. The first volume, Crescent City Magick: Welcome to New Orleans is available from Amazon. And keep a lookout for the second volume, Crescent City Magick, Vol 2: Waking the Witch.

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