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The Impact of Language to Us

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There is a famous quote that says “no man is an island”. The quote means that everyone needs a neighbour, a friend, a teacher, a society, or others that can stay by his side. But how can he stay in that society if he does not know how to communicate with others? Then isn’t it better if that man would just stay on an island alone? With this, we can say that it is important to communicate and we use language to communicate.

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The Impact of Language to Us
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Therefore, language can either unite or divide us. In order for us people to survive in this world, we should know how to communicate with words because not everyone can read body language or sign language.When we need something, we should learn how to say it. In 2005, my family and I went to the United States for vacation.

We stayed there for about two weeks where we went to lots of places which included the Golden Gate Bridge, Grand Canyon, SeaWorld San Diego, and Disneyland in California.

When we were in Disneyland, we were having so much fun enjoying the rides in the amusement park. After lunch, my brother and sister said that they wanted to go to a scary ride, but my parents didn’t like to so my family split up into two.When we split up, I suddenly changed my mind and told my mom that I wanted to go with my siblings.

My mom told me that I could so I went to my siblings, but I wasn’t able to find them. I kept looking for them for about 30 minutes until finally I gave up. I went to a specific spot where I could be spotted easily, and I waited for about another 30 minutes. When about 2 hours have passed, I started crying.

A policewoman even passed by me and didn’t even take care of me and I was around 7-8 years old that year. My parents found me in about 3 hours later and they didn’t even know that I was missing.To summarize, we should know how to communicate with others or else we wouldn’t survive in this world. If language would mean dialects or such, I would say that language has evolved for generations.

People have even created their own language. In the Philippines, I have heard different kinds of “created” or “made-up” language, from languages used in the streets to the language used by jejemon. Even gays have their own language and expression. There was one time that I thought that the word “chos” was a Filipino expression.

Just after a few years did I learn that “chos” was not echnically a Filipino expression, but was actually a gay expression. Since I grew up in Tarlac City and studied in a small private school, I only heard a few or limited people speak English which I thought was the way all people in the Philippines speak English. When I was walking near Teryaki Boy in Katipunan, I heard some students speaking English and Tagalog in a weird way. That was the first time that I heard that and learned that the way they speak was called “conyo”.

Language has also been a barrier for many people in the world.There are too many languages in the world and each country has its language. In some countries, there are particular regions which have their own dialects so misunderstanding between people from the same country can also happen. Language barrier has been a problem to most people, especially to those who likes to travel to other countries.

In the summer of the year 2010, my friends and I went to China for a summer program in China where we experienced the curriculum of a Chinese school. On our second day in China, we celebrated on coming to China by buying food and a liter of coke.My roommates and I was so happy that day until one of my roommates had a stomach ache so he went to the comfort room. When he finished, he said that he couldn’t flush the toilet so we hurried down to the people who were cleaning because it really smelled disgusting and because it was still the second day, we would still stay there for about 1 month.

We kept on asking the maintenance people to fix our comfort room, but they couldn’t understand what we were saying. It was a good thing that the person in charge of the trip coincidentally came by and was able to help us.After having our toilet fixed, the person in charge taught us one phrase and until this day, I still couldn’t forget the phrase:” wo men de ma dong you wen ti! ” which means “our toilet has a problem! ” Language barrier or rather a misunderstanding can also occur in the same country. For instance, 5 years ago, I had a friend who is from Visayas whom I had only met one summer.

One day I told him: “uy o tignan mo may langgam! ” then he looked up and saw nothing. He got mad at me because he thought I was tricking him.How was I supposed to know that “langgam” in Bisaya meant bird. Even in the story of the Tower of Babel, the construction of the tower didn’t push through because their language was diversified.

I would say that having one main language for the world is the only solution to solve for world misunderstandings. Having different languages has also divided the world into separate parts. Since English is the language that has been used by many people, I think that all people should be able to speak English, but they should love their mother tongue.

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