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The Impact on American Culture Sex and Violence

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The Impact on American Culture Sex and violence have continued to be two of the most popular themes to center our media and entertainment around. The television, radio, and internet all act as communication channels that constantly present content containing graphic acts of sex or violence. As a result our current generation has become accustomed to seeing more and more realistic portrayals of sex and violence, numbing them to it in the process.

This has a profound effect on our society, specifically the adolescents that re still maturing and learning.

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The Impact on American Culture Sex and Violence
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Violence and sex are subjects that must be handled with caution, so that young people aren’t wrongly influenced by them. Human beings grow up with a natural ability to learn how to function in their environment and setting. Sexual and violent content are ever more present within many of the things considered to be popular within our culture. Overexposure toward these two themes can easily work to develop and shape a person’s mindset.

Americans have become increasingly desensitized to the effects that various visualizations of violence have on our culture. In fact often times children are exposed to equal amounts of these visuals as adults. For instance, many of the games that young children and teenagers play revolve around violence. Games such as Call of Duty, Halo, and Gears of War work to saturate our youth with constant of images of violence, with often times the amount of violence in the game being the marketing point.

However, many pediatricians have begun to notice and study the effects these games have on children “Analyzing data from studies of 1,231 Japanese sstudents (ages 12 to 18 years) and 364 U. S. sstudents (ages nine to 12 years), the uthors found that children who played violent video games early in the school year exhibited increases in physical aggression such as kicking, punching, and hitting three to six months later”( Potera, Carol). The fact that simply playing a video game can trigger this kind of aggression is appalling, signaling the influence that they hold.

If our youth continue to grow up with this kind of exposure to violence, they will start to feel that it is normal and acceptable within our society. In order to prevent this we must work to regulate and diminish the amount of violent content present in the edia and entertainment that are accessible to children. While television may have the ability to portray violence and sex with more vivid imagery, the persuasive power of music must also be respected. Of course the current music in our culture is equally obsessive with violent and sexual lyrics.

Whether it be Heavvy Metal, Hip Hop, or Electronica nowadays all genres of music tend to have lyrics that include blatant references to sex and violence. This makes it increasingly hard to find forms of music that include appropriate and positive content. The lyrics contained in these songs tend to help foster a multitude of egative activities. For instance, in an article written by Todd Neale he details the way music helps influence our behavior Studies have linked a preference for certain types ot music to specific behaviors.

For example, the kind ot electronic music played at raves has been associated with use of drugs and alcohol, while heavy metal and rap have been associated with reckless behavior and below-average academic performance, the authors said heavy metal and some types of rock music have also been associated with an increased risk of suicide, depression, delinquency risk behavior, smoking, and conduct problems (Neale, Todd). Obviously this shows that music can have an immense effect on a person’s life and the way that they behave.

These associations can’t be taken lightly in the sense that almost everyone; especially teenagers listen to music at some point tthroughout their day. An example of this would be the fact that rap is more popular in urban, low income areas than it is in residential areas. In relation to the previous quote this would help prove the claim that rap influences reckless behavior and lower academic performance. Most people surrounded by environments that support and play rap or rock have a higher propensity to act reckless. As a society we must regulate what is shown to our citizens.

Media and entertainment possess a high power of influence over the current generation. With the abundance of sex and violence being shown, it is now hard to avoid or prevent it from being seen. As a result things detailing sex and violence have become what is popular to watch. Shows such as the Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy all have extreme amounts of violence, yet are accessible to anyone who has cable television or internet. Another example is the show the Client List, which focuses on a masseuse who also specializes in providing sexual favors.

Our entertainment industry push more and more amounts of graphic content to show. According to Jeff Jacoby “we get accustomed to blood and mayhem and sleazy sex. We grow Jaded. Depravity becomes more and more tolerable because less and less scandalizes us” Oacoby, JefO. The reality is that we have already become Jaded as a people. We’ve become sex obsessed and aaddicted to violent content. As a people we must work to rectify this and monitor what we and the people around us watch. After all these programs have invaded our television and may have already invaded our minds.

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