The Importance of Parental Guidance in Literacy

The role of strong parental guidance and supervision in children’s achievement is very predominate. Children learn by example and repetition, and one of the most important things all children are offered is the privilege of learning to be literate. Learning to read, write, and speak the language of their nation, and sometimes multiple languages, is a gift offered to young people through schools or independent learning centers. There are many charities to support this action of learning as well as individual volunteers.

To maintain the progress achieved, one of the most important factors in these children’s lives is the parental guidance being displayed. After the hours put in learning correct literacy it is imperative that the environment around the young learner is displaying the same techniques being taught. The more complex that everyday environment gets with changing technology, bigger economies, and the need for better jobs the more important it is to maintain proper literacy to and for parents to help children grow and manage a successful lifestyle.

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With increasing technology there have become a greater number of shortcuts being used. When cell phones first came about into everyday life, there may have been a charge per word or letter applied for SMS or text messages sent. To be able to get the point across in as few words or letters as possible, acronyms started being used, most of which were derived from people’s laziness in online chat rooms, such as LOL, OMG, and ASL. With these becoming so popular, the need for proper etiquette diminished as well.

As the texting service become more popular cell phone companies started to offer plans with the option to choose how many texts you send per month or per contract life, unfortunately the lazy lingo of the chat rooms stuck around and has been passed on through the younger generations. Environment may play the biggest part in maintaining your knowledge of your native language. If you are raised and taught in a well-speaking and proficient reading environment, chances are you will learn and adapt to be the same way. Avoiding the nature vs. urture argument, the brain picks up proper word usage and sentence formation from the time it has developed. Hence, why children are known to copy everything you say. They are learning. Proper schooling is a necessity for young people to be taught correct from incorrect word usage, if they return home to an uneducated environment, then it will cause regression in their studies and application of what they have learned. Teachers are screened and well educated before being put in front of minors as an influence and roll model.

Most of America is given the choice of what school they attend or which environment they learn in, including private schooling, schools based on religion, or specialty schools focusing on extracurricular activities, most of which require a maintained grade point average to participate. There are also many charities and organizations that will teach unfortunate children for no profit at all. This being a blessing to those children, parents should then always put emphasis on the way they speak to their children, as well as their own reading and writing skills, especially since these are the things that continue to get passed down.

By this point in life, everyone should know that there are many different people who come from many different backgrounds. As far as the English language goes, it has been derived and passed through many different origins, the same case with other languages, very few are native. While some make a personal choice to not learn to read or write, others have not had the opportunity. In early America, during the times of slavery, only a select few slaves were given the privilege to learn to read and write.

The remaining slaves were left uneducated, and many of the women just served to provide meals and produce children for increased work profit. If these babies were raised in an uneducated family, that directly pertains to my above mentioning of being in a helpful environment. Nowadays, that way of speaking has been passed down through many of the unfortunate’s families. This is another reason why parents should encourage the repetition of their children’s learning to read or write. “Middle class families tend to have higher expectations for their children’s academic performance and higher career aspirations.This is a great supporting article why these “middle class” parents should encourage the practice of their children’s reading, writing, and language skills, so that one say perhaps these children will thrive, and be above the “middle class. ” Though everyone is now given the option and privilege in their American right to learn the language proficiently, if these citizens go home to an uneducated or uncaring surrounding, they are learning the incorrect way. The more people use modern technology is also decreasing the use of what I consider to be a beautiful American English language.

There is something about well-spoken people that gives his or her listeners the extra urge to listen to what they are saying. Giving a speech or presentation with proper literacy can make all the difference in being taken seriously. A well written resume can make all the difference on landing the job of your dreams, or even landing a job to support your family. This is all a chain reaction that stems from your basic education with parents being the biggest supporting factor. This is why educating, and continuing you children’s education is important.

Raise our future generation to be literate, intelligent, and successful. It will bring them many great things in their life. We are also counting on the younger generation to keep the world in which we live now thriving for a long time. The amount in which we have progressed in the last one hundred years is tremendous and it would be a wonderful thing to keep that progression moving forward.

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