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The Importance of Religious Freedom

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  • Pages 3
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    The price of religion to a human in one of the most important factors in one’s life, as well is their own being. People practice religion for several reasons, throughout the world it is practiced as it being part of their heritage. However many people seek religion for the feeling of security. There are hundreds of different cultures throughout the world, some who believe in everything including their health is left up to the Gods to heal, while others believe in praying for the advanced technology of today help them to survive.

    This to them is their feeling of security, whether it is seen different in someone else’s opinion because to them it is what has them to be the person they are. I believe everyone should have their “freedom of religion”, and the state should respect this stance. When it comes right down to the state and the practice of religion, I feel it is the right of the individual being to believe and practice whatever faith he or she chooses, as is stated in the first amendment. However, this is not absolute and only under major (vital) circumstances should the state intervene, especially when it involves interfering with others rights.

    The only practice that should be prohibited is the sort that causes injury to people or that destroys or threatens society. Although only under such situations do I feel the state should become involved, it is rarely the case and people everyday are violated of their beliefs. Many people have been prosecuted for their religious beliefs. People of strong religious views have a lot of time led to prejudice among other faiths not quite like their own in the system of the government situations like this always take place.

    For example, one government has a strong allegiance to one particular religion, they will see other religious people’s views as a threat to political authority. This would only go to cause the state to overlook certain religions depending on their own faith. Another main dilemma for the government is the danger of religion placing allegiance to God way above obedience to the state. The state has to be sure to protect the inalienable rights of every citizen. Although there has been many conflicts between church and state, both religion and government are concerned with morality.

    Also, in the United States the state and the church are not totally separated, as our nation’s motto is, “In God we trust”. Court witnesses swear others on bibles, and congress opens with prayers. The main goal of both religion and government institutions is to help people lead a good moral life, yet most of all safe. Therefore if the state uses religion as a source of it’s own practice, I don’t see how they believe to have the right to come between the people’s own practice.

    Religion as being one of the main necessities in almost all human survival, is the basis in which people revolve their entire lives on. From morality to the solution of many problems, people look up to their religion as being their main guidance through life. A persons “Freedom of Religion” is seen to them as their one freedom to find themselves and cherish all they have been blessed with in their lives. The states as one have always found their involvement with a person’s religion as being a main issue, and feel at times that they have their own right to come between them.

    However, I believe it was up to that persons will to choose to live life the way of their heritage and should know their involvement. The only time a state should really come between such a freedom, would be when religion is taking advantage of another precious life. Therefore, the state should keep their limits from a person and their religion because religion to one is a significant part of people’s lives and in finding who they are which should definitely be respected.

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