The importance of understanding the lifespan


Lifespan is merely the epoch of time through which life occurrences transpire. This journey starts at some interlude involving outset and delivery, as the fetus materialize from a single celled life form to a bursting-time toddler. With the recitation of a series of inherent programs in body cell, significant dispositions arise that sets the platform that ushers a new born baby into the world. However, the developmental events of the new born are modified and genetically changed by the environmental factors. Based on research findings, development psychology is the study of progressive psychological changes that are evident in the human life as the grow old with regard to infants and children as well as later periods of great change such as adolescence and aging as it encompasses he entire life lifespan.

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The study assists in the investigation of the correspondence flanked by the instinctive and environmental influences and distinctiveness. Laura E. Berk (2007). Comprehending lifespan is therefore a very crucial aspect in the developmental process of a human person as it continues to function as a coalescing model through which human change is understood. The theory of life span deals with the disparities evident a persons life from the start from birth towards the end of life. This include; reason, motor dexterity, cognitive proficiencies, disposition and the celebrity.

The study of lifespan helps in the comprehension of the distinctness and intricate physiological, psychological, sociological and spiritual dimensions in human being as they progress throughout their entire lifespan. Every stages of life has its own distinct attributes for instance, young adults as well as the elders portray fears of being left alone and separated from their families. These fears are so imperative in the nursing domain since they capitalize on these fears to comprehend how to employ useful activities with the young adult and the elderly to expel fear when nursing them. The comprehension of lifespan has therefore been an essential aspect in our very existence since it has helped us to comprehend human growth through four generations that stretch for 25 years respectively; infancy to puberty, early babyhood, middle maturity, and belatedly maturity. Lifespan development is significant by virtue of the fact that it is employed in nursing as well as diverse psychological viewpoints that interlock human progression, adaptation as well as function in dealing with language interplay of behavioral of the lifespan.  Laura E. Berk (2007)


Laura E. Berk (2007) Fourth Edition. The Progression through the Lifecycle; Pearson Publishers; pp 1-43


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