The Influence of Advertising on Audience Essay

The Influence of Advertising on Audience

            Advertising is one of the fastest and most influential ways of informing the consumers and selling the product in the market - The Influence of Advertising on Audience Essay introduction. Today, as the world conforms to modernity, the advertising industry becomes more complicated and innovative with the techniques that should be applied to each product in order for it to be sold to the consumers. With the use of creative concepts, the marketers are able to persuade the customers to buy and use the products that are being offered in the advertisements. Through advertisements also, the consumers buy the products that are being endorsed because of the influential demands of the promotional concepts. Surprisingly, some products are able to establish a high level of brand loyalty despite the existence of other brands in the marketplace. In this manner, advertisements undeniably help the products to grow and evade the decline stage.

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            Advertisements help the consumers decide to buy a certain product. In other words, advertisements can be one of the measurements of the perceptions and behaviors of the consumers toward a certain product. Oftentimes, the consumers purchase the product because of the strong appeal that it has created through its advertisement. The consumers’ behaviors toward the product are sometimes affected by the way it is presented through the use of advertising (East 2003). Because of the strategies used in advertising the products, most of the marketers gain an appropriate market share and are able to expand the businesses by introducing more products in the market. The countless numbers of brands in the market is one of the manifestations of the success of companies in the marketplace.

            However, despite the success of the products in gaining brand recognition from the consumers through the use of advertisements, the way products are being presented in the market affects the society. Aside from the consumer behaviors, advertisements also affect the culture, perceptions, and values of the society that watches and absorbs the information and messages that every advertisement conveys to the audience. Oftentimes, the marketers use societal issues as a topic or an instrument to gain brand awareness from the society. In other words, advertisements are used not only to inform the people about the product but also to build a rapport and strong recognition in the marketplace where many direct and indirect competitors are battling to gain the society’s attention.

Sex is one of the societal issues that are often portrayed in advertising a product. Even the products that are unrelated to sexual activities use sex as the advertising concept because of the belief that consumers easily pay attention to advertisements related to this. The subliminal messages about sex are often seen in advertising a product and the marketers unfortunately acquire reputation for developing a product and creating unrelated advertisement with sexy images to the consumers.

            The perceptions of audience towards reality have undeniably become affected by the images that advertisements show in endorsing a product. Through advertisements, the society has shaped new societal images that require women to be fit and skinny at all times. The thin images of beautiful women that endorse the product to the consumers have become the standard model of women in this generation. Apparently, women and the society have built new perceptions about the modern physical beauty that can be seen in advertisements. It is a manifestation that advertisements affect not only the consumers’ buying behavior but also the construction of the society.

            Indeed, advertising is the most influential tool in informing the consumers about the features and attributes of a certain product; however advertising also affects the psychological, physical, and emotional aspects of the society through the concepts that are being shown to the market. Advertisements are unquestionably helpful in helping the society to decide on whether to purchase a certain product or to avail of a certain service; however, advertising has undeniably changed the values of the society which leads to the constant changes of one’s personality, along with the culture of the whole society.


East, R. (2003). The Effect of Advertising and Display: Assessing the Evidence. USA: Springer.

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