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The Influence of Immigration in America

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Running head: (THE INFLUENCE OF (The influence of Immigration of America) Bonnie McMullen University of Phoenix Thesis statement America was built by all migrants because this land long before anyone came to this country the land belonged to the Indians. The reason for writing this paper is to learn more about immigrant’s history and immigration today. Why an immigrant can only come to the states with a student or work visa. I want to learn is immigration because the rules are immoral.

Research paper (The influence of Immigration in America) In the year1776, America brought populations from every race from all around the globe.

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The Influence of Immigration in America
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Humanity has gathered here covered by this country as tourists, missionaries, refugees, and illegal immigrants. With the Europeans coming into Ellis Island being greeted by the Statue of Liberty in New York, and the Chinese being greeted by the Golden gate bridge and the Asians greeted by San Francisco, America has for centuries been a safe haven for the world giving favorable circumstance and independence for everyone.

For a long time billions from around the globe are discovering that migrating to America is the only way to stop going hungry, dying, endurance of adversity and misery. 1] The new world has become a patchwork for all humanity, sophistication, and security. In the beginning of 1862, the benchmark of limiting colonization achieved by government officials, this law was blocked Americans ships to transfer oriental immigrants to America. In the year 1882, a mere 20 years later the government passed limitation of The Chinese Exclusion Act conscribing all oriental immigrants’ access to America. The acts passed by government in 1875, 1882, and 1892 contribute to the inspection of all immigrants and destruction of call girls, felons, people who are deathly ill, and people accountable to turn into community charges.

The A-line Contract labor were also another law passed in 1885,1887,1888, and 1891 stopping immigration from happening in America for the people coming to this country covered by an agreement created ahead of time when the immigrant arrives. There are many cultural groups in the world but the English were the most critical of them all. The English were responsible for immigration. The English created the colonies which originated from the United States of America. English descendants produced a large segment of Republic corporations influenced new members. The earliest profitable establishment became Jamestown in 1607.

Jamestown was created by a man named Christopher Newport. He received the job with a corporation called London Company transferring pioneers. Multitudes of people lost their lives from starving and illness in the chill of 1609. The new pioneers were insisting that the remainder of people stay there in Jamestown, in June 1612 pioneers begin to plant tobacco. In that same year Jamestown was made the paramount of Virginia. The earliest meeting called representative assembly was held in 1619 and also in this year Jamestown was the first to introduce black slaves into the states which were the 13 colonies.

The Indians attacked the pioneers village twice once in 1622 and 1644 killing 850 people. Pioneers boycotted the commandment of William Berkley and cauterized Jamestown the paramount was rebuilt in town called Williamsburg in 1699 and because of the burning in Jamestown everyone abandoned the place. Jamestown was restored by The National Park Service and the Association of the Archaeological Laboratory of Virginia Antiquities. This area was created to make the Jamestown Festival Park across from the National park has duplicates of the ships used in the immigration of native and English immigration pic] In 1620 the immigration of New England began with the pilgrims who were the first pioneers to settle in Plymouth Rock in the bay of Massachusetts. A multitude of English puritans on a mission created the first puritan commonwealth organization around Massachusetts Bay. 1630 -1640 is well known for the Exceptional Migration period. The population of Massachusetts went up with 21,000 pioneers coming into Massachusetts more than a half were British. Unfortunately, by 1660 a mass of people who came from Britain to Massachusetts degenerated fast so immigration toward America became crestfallen.

Britain started restricting immigration out of England to America. British Parliament created strict rules that skilled work around the British Isles Ere not allowed to transport themselves to America. An eruption of revolutionary outrage prevented people migrating from British soil; from about a hand full of people came to America, similar to the rest of Europe. In 1700, multitudes of German people left their country to search for a less complicated lifestyle because of destructiveness in their homeland. In the western hemisphere and Australia people were being reprieved of their belongings and badly beaten.

Many neighbors were being torched and folks murdered. In 1709 rulers attempted to discontinue German immigrants from going to another country but they were not successful in their task. In that same year they arrived in New York. By 1745, 45,000 inhabitants of Germany existed in Pennsylvania. In 1800 more people from Germany immigrated towards America for building family corporations and improvement in style. With inventions in the 1800’s like steam boats and steam trains were able to migrate a lot more people. German immigrants took routes that were cheap to travel on a train or boat to arrive in America.

Agriculture became a big thing for German farmers in 1870. Multitudes of farmers were living in the south. Farmers also were living in California. The German people made their way in the new world to become businessman, bakers, machinists and tailors. Immigration for the Italians were between 1876 – 1976 The impression of the Italian people coming to America was not as big of a population compared to brazil and Argentina because by that time there were a lot more inhabitants coming from all different countries.

By 1850, 4,000 immigration came to America only a few years after the migration the number of people went up to 44,000 and by 1900, 484,027. The jobs were scarce for the Italian people so they took low paying jobs like rag picking, sewer cleaning and shoe shining anything that a respectful person did not do they did for a living Children that needed to be in school were forced to work also so they were not getting a proper education. The Neapolitans, Sicilians and Calabria’s resided in places like New York, New Orleans, and Minnesota. The Italian people would mix and hang with Jews, Irish, Germans, and Poles.

The Italians lived in housing that was crowded and filthy. Italians were scraping by to save money. Some people lost their house. Generations of Italians after the years of hard work brought up marketing scale but only getting hired as a blue collar worker compared to making them educated. It was difficult for the Irish people to immigrate to America in 1803 because of the Act of the Union which discontinued immigrants from coming to America The Irish soon became poverty-stricken and could not go to the new world to find work and contentment.

In1820, An Act called British Passenger was passed to help the Irish immigrate on the outside of the British Isles toward Canada because it was cheaper than going straight to America. From Canada they would travel to America because the fare in that country was cheaper they might want to walk the border. In Ireland a well known rot called potato cause more Irish people to come to the United States in 1845. After five years of getting away the Irish gave up on the crop because it was not producing a product so the only solution was to go to America to start over.

People could not pay their rent and was forced to leave the country. In between the years of 1820-1855 2 million Irish people migrated to America. After the civil War, there were 3. 5 million Irish people in America. In the 1820-1880 the economy need people who could do jobs with muscle so immigrants became construction worker but they had not created bulldozers yet the only equipment available was shovels and picks. The Irish also became police officers and firemen. The Irish took these jobs before the civil war. The Irishmen created horse and street car tracks these men were the earliest drivers and conductors.

In the 1900 the Irish people became plumbers, boilermakers and steamfitters. The hard working Irish soon found positions lifting them up into CEO and assistant positions. Twenty years after 1860 more Irish immigrants came to America were we formed Catholic churches and gave us St Patrick’s Day which helps celebrate the Irish inhabitants. From the year 1850-1880 The Mexican immigration were coming to America to work in the fields in the part that belong to them originally. They worked in the light and mining industry and commercial agricultural and the railroad.

The immigrants were paid scanty salaries and worked in bad environment. The railroad work led to labor between Mexico and America. A big portion of the Mexican worker were experienced in cattle ranching and mining, but they left their Mexican farms ,people were also distressed by the natural disaster and the war of Secession to flee to the United States. At the time after the Mexican Revolution which was in 1910 the government was no longer able to help the state of their country in Mexico As a result Mexican people were looking every where else to find a way to survive was a this was a very hard time for the Mexican people.

The way the African people came to America was by mostly involuntary force compared to the rest of the immigrants who came to the United States by choice. Colonists in the seventeenth century discovered many divisions of independence and slavery. The men captured by responsibility and had some pleasures, most men presumed these jobs and liberties were not equal it mattered to a person’s obtained rank to their responsibilities and pleasures. Society did not appreciate characteristics of rank.

For the African people that were already in America by the seventeenth century signed contracts to work a certain amount of time when the time passed they would be set free of captivity by themselves to increase ranking. But for the African people who come involuntary migrated by force the situation was much more diverse these people had no control over their own lives and futures. A few European people that came to America that needed to be put in jail instead were shipped to the states to be productive workers with no pay these people were called slaves.

For the African people being slaves would be terrorizing life. In the beginning of the seventeenth century, multitudes of plantation owners in this new found country favored workers of the same race that would be obedient to their master. European people were against the importing of African slaves. Slavery was in action in Africa, Arab, Caribbean, and South America markets. But by the year 1619 the first slave ship sailed to Virginia and later other colonies surrounding the colony of Virginia.

In 1660 The African slavery institution began, and by the last of the 1600’s every servant was replaced by an African slave. All of the white servants were then freed. The African slaves were then called chattel, slave trade was passed on from generations of African people. The Negro trade and plantation system prospered in South Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland and later on Georgia. This created a great demand for Negro trade and slave labor. At the same time that slave labor was beginning to prosper the white servants traveled to Pennsylvania and New York to own their own land and be dependant on slave labor.

By the 1700’s the slave trading had evolved into brutal and ruthless treatment. The slaves were packed into the ships fated for a life of labor, fierce treatment, and radical ridicule. Many African slaves got sick and were not treated or had a decent place to call home. They had no health care so many of slaves as a result got diseases and died. There were 500,000 slaves in the colonies by the American Revolution. The reason for immigration to America for the Japanese was their failing economy in 1870 and 1880.

The Japanese people had a hurtful conversion to modern economy. Japanese emigrants began immigrating to Hawaii first. They stayed there till the year 1910. In 1910 seven percent came to the mainland because before that year the Japanese government would not allow passports for Japanese to go to the mainland. By 1920 220,000 Japanese people were living on the mainland. If we do not count the Indians who migrated to the new world long before any one else did and crossed the Bering Strait. Chinese people were the earliest Asian people to migrate to the states.

The earliest proof that Chinese people came because of the Gold Rush in California, during the gold rush in California population decreased because Congress passed the Act of Exclusion Act as a result many immigrants were deported back to China. But in 1920, Chinese people became the biggest Asian inhabitants in the states presently. The Jewish immigrated to get away from the emperor of Brazil in the year 1654. The earliest Jewish immigrant came to the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam called New York Twenty one years after that more congregations of people came and settled in Newport, Rhode Island.

In 1702, the first Jewish synagogues were made. Since the 1920’s immigration has changed drastically the person wishing to leave a country must take an evaluation bringing passport, birth certificate, and proof of age like an ID card or driver’s license. If the person migrated is a student they need to take a student evaluation. Business man and skilled worker need an issued skilled assessment by the country authority. And take a business skilled evaluation before the person migrated to their desired destination.

Even though we need to limit immigration because of environmental laws immigration is having big influences on America, because immigration plays an important role in our society. We can see that there are many achievers among immigrants and most of them can contribute knowledge and skills to the United States’ economic growth. In today’s tough economic situation, the easiest thing to do is to find a person or a group of people to blame. And generally someone of a different race, culture, or religion is the one who is “responsible” for all the disasters in the world.

But the best way to enhance America’s growth is to learn how to live together with others and to respect them. Only together can Native Americans and immigrants make America the best place to live. References (1990). http://library. thinkquest. org/. Retrieved August 19, 2009, from http://library. thinkquest. org/20619/index. html Muir, Patricia. (2008). http://oregonstate. edu. Oregon State University. Retrieved July 11, 2009, from http://oregonstate. edu/~muirp/immigrat. htm Kelman,Stanislav KSI (1993). http://www. letitbe. org. Retrieved July 11, 2009, from http://www. letitbe. rg/Immigration. html Lamb, D.. (2008, May 1). American children tell Schumer to save theirparents from deportation. New York Beacon,p. 2,33. Retrieved July 14, 2009, from Ethnic NewsWatch (ENW). (Document ID: 1481131631 Chris Herrod. (2007, June 25). U. S. must reject immigration bill. Deseret News,p. A10. Retrieved July 14, 2009, from ProQuest Newsstand. (Document ID: 1294334561 Ruben Navarrette Jr. (2008, September 28). Reconnecting Latino voters with hope. The San Diego Union – Tribune,F. 3. Retrieved July 14, 2009, from ProQuest Newsstand. (Document ID: 1564593771 ———————– [1]

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