Analyzing the Meaning of Science from the Point of View of the Characters in the Book

The book, “The Island of Dr. Moreau” by H.G. Wells has been taken as a base to analyze the significance of science from the perspective of the characters in the book. Science has been a major developmental language since its inception. All the scientists are working in collaboration to generate a society that is well defined and well supported by the principles of nature.

Science has been successful in accomplishing what is known as evolution and has also been able to ease the life of humans but there certain aspects that are still under discussion including the creation of ideal human being.This is the main idea being utilized by the book when the word “island” is being used. This island is referring to a creation which is being analyzed differently by every character in this book. The main perception of the book came as negativity on the part of Doctor Moreau as a scientist because he fails to perceive what science really is and how different principles of nature should be integrated to build a society where everyone can thrive.

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This idea has been taken as a base to formulate the essay.The thesis of the paper is to justify that language of science is negatively affecting community and fails to define human characteristics as depicted by the characters of the book and social Endeavour created by Doctor Moreau. For justifying the argument the essay has been divided into two major sections: a brief summary indicating the role of every character in the novel and discussion of the main thesis. The argument will be supported by quotations of the characters from the book as these are the main bodies depicting that science is not what it is believed to be, and the study of the literature.

Authentic journals and peer reviewed articles will be utilized for the purpose of achieving the task of supporting main ideas. 1. Brief Description of Book: The book, “The Island of Doctor Moreau” is about a scientist who spent his life on experimentation for creating humans from animals. This results in unacceptability from society and he left London to live on an island where he created a number of beast men who were close to humans but retain their animal like characteristics.

Prendick was lost and came to that island where he came to know of Dr.Moreau’s creations and realized that contradiction of nature is what is wrong in this society and although laws were imposed on beast men yet they adopt the behavior which they wanted to adopt. Beast men were also punished for their actions and this is the reason that Doctor Moreau got killed by the beast men and their ruling time got over. The narrator was Prendick and he was the main character of the book and his perceptions are the leading basis of the respective essay a she was the main person who experienced various communities.

2. Discussion: The Island of Dr.Moreau, although fictitious, represents a major flaw in its main theme which is changing nature and working against the rules of the obvious. This is the main negative perception of the book where Wells is trying to depict that nature never changes.

The law of nature is dominant in every scientific principle. Science if defined by the prevalence of natural phenomena. If this principle is altered then there are no true or definitive results. This is what has been gathered from the book and this is what the social Endeavour created by Doctor Moreau is primarily depicting.

The creations of Doctor Moreau are humans but the original organisms used were animals and the nature of animalism is still dominant in all the beast men. Dr. Moreau himself stated that there exists a difference between animals and humans. His character reflects that science is the creation of innovations and evolutionary change in the world and for this he regarded every aspect as negligible.

This is the reason why he neglected every notion of changing the nature of animals to humans.His actions were against the principles of science and showing science as a negative phenomenon towards life. Dr. Moreau was the character on which the science was actually defined because he reflected a noble society and the way he carried his actions implied negative face to scientific principles.

The Island of Dr. Moreau, as presented by Dr. Moreau’s character, is a failure in understanding the true principle of working in line with the natural principles of life (Christensen 575-595). The characters, if studied and analyzed individually, are not favoring the language of science.

The significance of scientific language should be such that the whole population gets benefited and the community itself shows that it has been benefited from science. This is not the case, as depicted from the book. The main character of the book is the narrator, Prendick, who has experienced many different communities on his lost journey to the island. The first experience was with Montgomery who was an assistant of Dr.

Moreau and a biologist. He has studied science but failed to get benefit from it. He was unable to control the pain he suffers with his experience on the island.He stated it in the following way: “As if all the pain in the world had found a voice” (Well 1-292).

His statement indicates that although practical implication of science is present on the island yet human sufferings are not minimized. The main purpose of science lies in the fact that it is brining something that would benefit humans but what if the creations are all getting harms from it and trying to survive the negativities. Montgomery’s character is supporting the issue that science is the language that is not working in favor of humans, although respected by the society.Similar depiction of negativity of science and its failure can be seen from other characters of the book, beast men.

Beast men are all unhappy and according to them science is not what it is meant to be. The perception they gained about science is from the actions of Dr. Moreau. They considered science as working for the benefits of community but they were the ones being subjected to ruling body that punishes them and their true nature is what is being asked to disrupt in the whole process.

According to them, science is dominance of one person who created them as they were all made to follow the rules of Dr. Moreau who was god as stated, “You shall have no other gods before me…

. You shall not make yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below” (Well 1-292). A major phenomenon discussed in this book is the creation of humans in the era when this was not what science was doing. He incepted the idea in human mind at the Victorian time when every single person was focusing on evolutionary change.

This book was fiction at that time and regarded the aspect in the book as being negative but today this is not regarded negative and every scientist is working on it. However, the characters in the book are not favoring the ideas of science and its possible changes. The most significant aspect that is prevalent in the book and is not justifying the position of science to be a positive approach is the social creation which is against scientific laws. Science is the creation of natural thriving ecosystem and supporting it.

The book, however, is against it and showing that science is not what is being expected from it. The grotesque reality of the book is that all the phenomena, although true for present day, are against science and its idea for the people of that era. The beast men were imposed to live against their nature then how can they be expected to consider science a positive approach (Levine 17-26). The language of science, in the book, fails to describe that evolution is necessary and it can be achieved through the adoption of scientific principles.

This is because the society, created on the basis of science, fails to continue living and fails to justify science as significant phenomena. 3. Conclusion: The main aim of the paper was to describe that science is a language that fails to define human characteristics and their survival as depicted by the characters of the book and society created by Doctor Moreau. From the above discussion, it has been proven that science is not perceived as a positive approach by the characters of the book and they are against the basic principles.

This is because of three main reason including; failure of depicting true nature of beast men, failure to survive in the society, and failure to bring positive results to humans as a whole. These all are the main aspects that the narrator perceives as the book has been written from his perspective of science. Community sees science as a language of significant evolutionary changes but this book has failed to justify the respective notion.

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