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The Journey of the Soul Essays

The Journey of the Soul
            The question is what happens to the soul at the end of a life.  The soul itself is very hard to define as it is a conglomerate of the true essence of a human being.  Our soul is what makes each of us unique.
Many people believe that when the body stops working or when a person dies, the soul will actually leave the body.  In fact, those who are Christians believe that when a person dies, the soul leaves the body and becomes known as the spirit.  This spirt has a mind of its own.  Therefore, it may go to another “spirit” world to be with other spirits.  In Christianity, this would be a place like heaven.  This would be the place where the soul spends eternity in the presence of God.
            Some people believe that the soul is the main reason why the body stays alive, which therefore, assures us that our mind is working.  But when we die, are the mind in our soul and spirit still working?  Or has the soul simply moved on to another place where it can communicate with other souls?  Nobody can really know for sure because nobody can come back from the dead.
            Does the soul stop working or “take flight” when someone is only in a coma?  Most would say that our soul does not leave our body until we die.  Therefore, the soul could simply be dormant or communicating with other souls when someone is in a coma.  However, the soul only leaves the body when one dies.
Please rewrite this reflection paper by changing the style and making it more strong and interesting for readers.
Please reformat the question in the way that can make the question is much difficult to answer.
Please make sure that while you are editing or after that re check the grammar and you have wrote at least 250 words.
If you find a better title for this topic you please change it.


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