The Keegans are Bloggin’ Essay

Hot on the heels of the publication of El Borak and Other Desert Adventures, the Keegans have a new blog, Jim & Ruth’s Two-Gun Blog.  The name is a great play on words: “Two-Gun” Bob, “Two-Gun” Blog.

Howard fans have been reading and enjoying Jim and Ruth’s The Adventures of Two-Gun Bob comic strips in Dark Horse’s Conan, Solomon Kane and Kull for years - The Keegans are Bloggin’ Essay introduction. The Keegans also illustrated the two Del Rey “Best of Robert E. Howard” volumes, Crimson Shadows and Grim Lands. Recently, the Crimson Shadows volume was published in a luxury hardcover edition, with vibrant color plates, by Subterranean Press. Later this month, The Early Adventures of El Borak will be published, which features their great cover art, which is very reminiscent of an old-time movie poster. This June they will be the Guests of Honor at the annual Howard Days. The theme for this year’s celebration of Howard will be “The Illustrators of Robert E. Howard.”

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The Keegans are Bloggin’
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So mosey on over to their blog and see a beautiful painting that was inadvertently left out of the El Borak volume.  While it would have appeared in grayscale in the Del Rey book, you can see it in full glorious color, just as it was meant to be seen.

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