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The Kite Runner Short Essay

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Hollywood often replaces true history with historical history, and the vast majority simplest mindest American accepts as facts. Khaled Hosseini in The Kite Runner weaves a fabric of true history and historical fiction.
Amir called to Pakistan by his friend Rahim Khan, had to leave, what now he called home, San Francisco, to remediate all the bad things he had done in the past, to find the way to be good again, and clean his soul.
Hosseini creates the blame of true history and fiction to create a much more plausible and believable plot.

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The Kite Runner Short
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The Afghanistan described by Hosseini at the beginning of the book is a completely different place from the one described at the end. In the matter of only three hundred pages, the scenario completely changes, at the beginning you are told the story by a little kid, who describes how beautiful and safe his country was, and by the end, the same person but now grown up, is standing in front of a ruined place that once he thought of it as home; “Twenty years earlier, I had seen some of the first war with my own eyes.

Grim reminders of it were strewn along the road: burned carcasses of old Soviet tanks, overturned military trucks gone to rust, a crushed Russian jeep that had plunged over the mountainside.

The second war, I had watched on my TV screen. And now I was seeing it through Farid’s eyes” .
Hosseini presents us a little boy, Hassan, he was Amir’s same age, lived in Amir’s house, they been together their whole entire childhood, but a person, they lived in two different realities. Hassan was Amir’s servant. Not by chose, but that was the way it had to happen, because he was a Hazara, and they lived to serve Shi’a’s, their lives worth nothing, they had no right, not knowledge, because they were not permitted at schools either; they lived their entire life serving others in order to clean their souls and be forgiven by God; “We all celebrated in 1996 when the Taliban rolled in and put an end to the.

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